Chapter 4

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"Hey! Hey! Listen!"

Buddar opened her eyes slightly, the sun was just rising. She noticed Link walking by, he was no longer covered in honey and melon juice. "Hey! Why'd you let him escape? Hey!" His fairy pestered him.

"Navi, stop." He mumbled. "I know what I'm doing."

This was the first time Buddar had ever heard him speak, she had assumed he was mute. She kind of liked the way his voice sounded. He glanced at Buddar as he passed by, his ocean blue eyes met her deep brown ones. He stopped for a moment, staring at her. Then he shook his head and kept walking, muttering to himself, but not quietly enough for Buddar not to hear.

"Tonight, I'll get him." He muttered. "I just need to stay away from carts."

Buddar chuckled to herself, causing Link to turn his head. "What's so funny?" He asked.

"You still can't catch the Night Trickster." She said. "He keeps slipping away just as you're about to catch him."

He gave her a suspicious look. "How did you know that?" He asked.

She smirked at him. "Everyone who passes by here is talking about it." She said.

His suspicion turned to curiosity. "I never did catch your name." He said.

Buddar stood up. "Buddar Wolfin." She said, holding out her hand. "But most people just call me Buddar."

Link smiled warmly at her and shook her hand. "It's nice to meet you, Buddar." He said.

"Hey! Link!" His fairy, Navi, squeaked, tugging on his cap. "Come on, we need to go!"

Link glanced at Navi and sighed. "Alright." He said, then he turned back to Buddar. "See you around!" He said, waving as he continued walking down the street.

"Bye!" Buddar said, waving back. What a nice guy. She thought. It's too bad that I have to fight him at night.

She shook her head and sat down. Ah, who am I kidding? She thought. He probably thinks I'm hideous, just like everyone else, besides Lyra.


"Hey! Buddar! Are we going to be toppling carts on Link again?" Lyra asked, circling Buddar's head excitedly.

"Not quite, Lyra." She said, staring up at the bright moon. "Tonight, we'll be doing things a little differently."

Lyra starting circling faster. "Ooh! What're we going to do?" She asked. "Trap him and shove him in a barrel of tomatoes?! That would be a ton of fun!"

Buddar chuckled and shook her head. "Nope," She said. "Tonight, we won't be toppling the carts, he knows to stay away from them. Instead, we'll bring the carts right to him."

Lyra stopped in mid air. "OHHHH! You wily devil!" She shouted before slipping into Buddar's cap.

"Why do you always call me a devil?" Buddar asked as she jumped from roof to roof.

"Because that's what you are." Lyra said. "A sneaky, deceitful, devil of a trickster thief!"

Buddar smiled. "Thanks." She said. She quickly spotted a wagon filled with a ton of barrels. She jumped in, Lyra zipped out of her cap so that she could fill it with apples.

"Alright, Lyra." Buddar said. "Your job is to watch the town square and wait until you see Link. When you do, come back and tell me, then I'll ride this wagon right into that sucker!"

Lyra giggled insanely, then zipped off. Buddar sat back in the cart, and waited. She stared up into the starry night sky, a cool breeze rustled her blazing red hair, which was fanned out around her as she lay in the wagon. A dog barked in the distance, but other than that, the night was silent. It was quite peaceful, she kind of liked it.

"Hey! Buddar!"

Buddar glanced up at see Lyra zipping towards her. "He's there!" She shrieked with excitement and slipped into the pocket of her yellow tunic. "Go! Go! Go!"

Buddar leaped out of the cart and kicked the stone holding the wagon in place away, then shoved the wagon with all her might. It began rolling down the street, she quickly jumped in and sat in the front of the wagon to give it more momentum. It blasted down the street so fast that everything was a blur. "YAHOO!!!!" Buddar yelled as the wagon rocketed into the square, right towards Link. He quickly jumped out of the way.

"Um, Buddar? Did you remember brakes?" Lyra asked as they shot through the square.

"No, why?" Buddar replied.

"Because," Lyra said. "WE'RE HEADED STRAIGHT FOR THAT WALL!!!"

Buddar glanced ahead only moments before the wagon smashed into pieces as it made contact with the wall. She was sent flying through the air and rammed into the wall, her head slamming against the stone wall. Spots clouded her vision as she fell into the mess of apples and wood that had once been the wagon. She heard the horrified squeaks of her fairy, as well as another, more high-pitched fairy's voice. She heard the sound of someone running towards her as her vision became more and more blurred. She could see the blurry green shape of Link leaning over her, then her vision went black.

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