7 | The Letter

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Hello, fantasy lovers! This one a double update as well, don't forget to check chapter 8.


I didn't have to wait long for an answer as Felix was following the kids with a massive box herself. She shouldn't carry such large boxes alone, even if she is a werewolf and all. I was about to step forward to help her transfer the box, but by the time I moved forward she has already deposited it at the back of a pickup truck, and one by one she was doing the same to all the small boxes which the kids carried.

So they were helping her move her stuff, but why? I motioned my guards to stay back and moved to the odd group.

"So there will be no Sunday storytime Luna!" Asked a kid who was clinging to Felix.

"So sorry kiddo, but Luna got to go. It's important but I promise to come back as soon as I can." All the kids held there pinkie fingers, and she linked hers to each and everyone's while making small noises.

Hating myself for interrupting such an adorable moment, I made my way towards Miss Felix when a sense of surprise filled me. The surprise wasn't mine. It was Miss Felix's.

The feeling vanished just as fast as it came. Felix has composed herself faster than I thought she would.

"Agents!" she addressed the kids around her, " you have helped me a lot today. Now go home and ask you, parents, to text me as soon as you reach. Okay?"

All the kids replied with a "Yes Luna! Fighting!" and run away to there houses.

"Good morning, your Majesty. I was not expecting you here." It was then I got what why Acimer said that her attitude that day was so different. The woman talking to those kids and the woman talking to me are poles apart.

"Yes. I felt your surprise, Miss Felix. To be honest I am here to meet your father and if you were ready I would have liked for you to return to the castle with me."

"I am sure I will finish loading all this in about an hour or so," She motioned to the pile of boxes which have escaped my notice until now, " My kids... I mean the pups were helping me. I didn't tell them to address you, since I don't want to make either them or you uncomfortable. Was that okay with you?"

So she is not going to mention her slip of emotions. Or lack of them. Fine with me. I will play along Miss West.

"It's alright. I don't wish to make your pack overwhelmed."

"Well, that's a relief. Come this way, please. I have informed my father. He is waiting for you in the office."

She mind-linked without getting her eyes unfocused. God, how many years has this woman trained for?

Throughout our walk to the office, I tried to take the packhouse. It was one of the decent-sized manors. Meaning a lot of people live independently rather than in groups. There were a lot of pictures of various families, individual. But none of the Alpha's family, weird. We didn't go deep inside the manor, since the office was on the first floor itself.

Knocking at a slightly open door, she said, " Here. Alpha King."The first thing I noticed was that there were three desks. Two at one side and one on opposite of them. The pile of paper showed who's working space they were. The one in the corner has the biggest pile but is very organized, clearly Miss Felix's. The two opposite of them were messy. So the one with more paper is Alpha West and the last one was Would-be-alpha West.

"Welcome, your grace." Alpha West looked the part of Alpha that much I could say. But the fact that time has not been good to him was clear as day.

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