chapter 2

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Y/n: oh hi heeseung

Heeseung: hey
Y/n: so semi this is heeseung
Y/n: Lee heeseung
Semi: Lee heeseung
Y/n: i- stop repeating!
Semi: Fine

Semi: and who is this cute little guy *points at jake*
Y/n:*whispers*cute guy? *pinches her* bitch don't switch teams so easily-
Semi:*whispers* continue
Y/n: he is jake
Y/n: jake sim
Semi: oh nice to meet you

Heeseung: you introduced us but not her I mean she is your best friend but you didn't introduce her
Y/n: I am- patience-
y/n: she is Kim semi
Heeseung: that's nice, nice to meet you its a pleasure 
Y/n:*whispers* dude you're flirting
Heeseung:*whispers* no I am not :)

Jake:hyung what are you doing?

they look at her like:

Heeseung: he does talk but he is shy to new people, typical introvertY/n: it's okay feel free with us *she flashed him a smile * Jake: yea 

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Heeseung: he does talk but he is shy to new people, typical introvert
Y/n: it's okay feel free with us *she flashed him a smile *
Jake: yea 

he looked away

Y/n: let's sit until sunghoon comes
Semi: yea

the go and sit on the bleachers

Semi: i'mma sit beside heeseung 
heeseung: oh sure hahaha
y/n: betrayer :)

Jake: um hi
Y/n: hi, so uh how did you come to Korea
Jake: um by a flight?
Y/n: -_- I didn't mean that
Jake:ik that lol it's just to decrease the awkwardness

and awkward silence entered the chat again

Y/n: so let's start with basic info? So I'm park y/n I'm 16 and my birthday is on 26th June (you can always say your birthday but nvm)
Jake: great I'm jake sim I'm 17 and my birthday is on 15th November.
Y/n: oh that's nice so, uhm how do you like it here?
Jake: it's great and my friends are really nice
Y/n: ohh that's nice

......... awkward silence spread across their bleachers yet again 

Y/n: okay, stop calling me a pest
Heeseung/Jake: let's go!
Semi: they are coming along too?
Sunghoon: I want you to meet all my friends and we are going to their house
Y/n: ou okay

they exited the rink and sunghoon unlocked his car

Semi: how do we sit?
Sunghoon: simple, heeseung hyung will drive
heeseung: and who tf said heeseung will
sunghoon: I did, or else I have my ways :) 
heeseung: no thanks imma sit behind 
sunghoon: heeseung-ie hyung pleeassssee

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