Chapter 3

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Almost a month later

Muichiro POV

We have grown so close. Nezuko follows me everywhere I go now. I have her in the box. I am running into the woods. I smile happily. Finally in my life I found my happiness and it was sitting right in front of me but does Nezuko feel the same way.

"Nezuko do you want to go into the cave." I say.

I hear scratching which means yes. I set the box down. Nezuko comes out immediately and hugs me. I hug back. I lean against the wall we stay like this for sometime now.

"Nezuko." I say.

"Hmph." Nezuko says.

"The time we have been together has been amazing. You have opened me up a lot. I want to say thank you for that." I say nervously.

Nezuko pats my head and hugs me. I blush. She is so cute. We just sit there's

"Nezuko it is strange. I can remember you but always forget the rest. I can't remember my past." I say.

Her eyes widen and I smile softly at her. She takes off her muzzle and kisses my forehead. Our hands intertwine as one.

"I can't remember mine as well. Once I became a demon all I could remember is that Tanjiro is my family." Nezuko says.

We our face us an inch away from each other's. I lean in to kiss her and she accepts. We kiss slowly. Before I know Zenitsu is holding by the throat hard.

"What are you doing with here!!? She is my wife not yours!!" Zenitsu shouts

Nezuko starts hitting him lightly on then head many times and huffing with annoyance.

"Nezuko why are you standing to him. Please marry me and not him!! Please." Zenitsu cries like a baby

I am having none of it and neither is Nezuko so she hops back into her box. He pulls on my haori. I look at him nonchalantly putting my foot on his face.

"You are annoying me be gone whoever you are." I say nonchalantly

I push him off me and start heading back to my estate. As I am walking back I see Tanjiro and Kanao training together in a field. Oh wow I remembered their names. This calls for a celebration. Maybe we should play chess now? That would be so much. I sigh in happiness, I am now able to enjoy life. I don't know why but I just can now. With Nezuko by my side I feel like I can do anything. I go back to the estate putting Nezuko down. She hops out staring at me.

"Tell me are you good at chess?" I say.

She looks at me confused and turns her head. So that is a no, ok I can make this work.

"Cards it is then." I say

I totally forgot where I put them. I start searching for them but Nezuko already had them in her hands. She hands me them smiling underneath the bamboo.

"Thank you Nezuko. I quite appreciate it." I say shyly

We both sit across from each other ready to start playing. I feel like someone is watching now, ugh it must be that other kid. He is annoying but I will forget him so I don't care now. Back to the game.

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