Chapter 2

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Muichiro POV

What am I thinking liking a demon. There is something nice about her. I can't put my finger on it. I see she is drooling and looking at Sanemi's arm intently. She meets my gaze and I look away embarrassed. I don't show it but I am.

"Inguro you are pushing to hard on the boy. Loosen up." Shinobu says.

Inguro is not the nicest. He doesn't bother so I won't bother him. He liked someone but who. I don't really care.

"Tanjiro if you are using a breathing technique then your veins will explode." Shinobu says.

"I would love to see that!!" Tengen says.

What a weird guy. I still don't know why he is at hashira level. Tanjiro breaks the rope and goes to her but she does not attack or eat human at all. Everyone is surprised by this.

"I hope this right here proves Nezuko won't attack humans." The master says.

I look up at her and she smiles softly at me. I can see it even though her muzzle. I like her a lot. She makes my heart beat faster. I hear my name being called but I don't care. Shinobu smirks at me.

"Muichiro I don't have room so Nezuko will be staying with you." Shinobu says.

I don't know whether to hate her or love her. I shrug and look up in the clouds. I am nervous.

"Tanjiro are you ok with this." Shinobu says.

"The scent he gives off is of kindness and loving." Tanjiro says.

I can't help but blush a little. Some of the hashira laugh.

"Kakushi take Tanjiro back to my estate and Nezuko to Muichiro's." Shinobu says.

They nod. Nezuko waves at me and I wave back. Maybe we can be friends. Maybe I can have someone to talk too. They leave and the meeting starts.

Later on

I go back to my house. It is dark out. Nezuko is out and on the floor. She waves at me.

"Hi." I say.

She gives me a hug. She is so nice but I don't know how to respond to this. I just sit there with a blank face. I get up. She huffs and I pat her head. She smiles. I look away trying not to show my emotions.

"Nezuko I am going for a walk. Care to join." I say.

She nods and holds my hand. We walk out and I look at the moon. We sit in a rock.

"I guess I should introduce myself. I am Muichiro and I am the mist pillar." I say.

She takes off her muzzle and she smiles at me. I can't help but blush but I regain my emotions and immediately give her a blank stare.

"My name is Nezuko Kamado. Thank you for letting me stay with you." Nezuko says happily.

"No problem." I say

She puts on her muzzle and hugs me. This feels so weird for me. I look how the moon again. I sigh in bliss. Nezuko is sleeping. I pick her up and start walking back to my house. I sense someone watching and see a boy with orange hair watching us. He glares at me but I am unfazed and close the door. I lock it as well. I close all the shade to make sure no light gets in. I lay her in the couch and out a blanket over her. I smile happily. I haven't smiled in a long time now. I walk upstairs and lay in bed. I start to fall asleep.

Three days later

We have gotten closer. A lot closer. Nezuko hangs around me a lot now. This boy with Tanjiro gets really jealous when I am with Nezuko and stalks by home. Nezuko and I are playing cards. She has her muzzle off. I love her warm smile. I am starting to show her my emotions now. I see her blush when I smile.

"Muichiro it is your turn." Nezuko says.

I look at what I have left. She wins.

"You win. My cards were bad." I say.

She hugs me and I hug back.

"It is ok. We can play again." Nezuko says.

I shrug.

"Maybe." I say.

We both stare at each other. She is blushing a little. She is super affectionate towards me a lot now. She puts back on her Muzzle and lays her head on my lap. Our hands intertwine. I stay calm. I hear a knock at the door. I am about to get up but Nezuko holds onto my neck.

"Nezuko I have to get the door." I say

"Hmph!!" Nezuko says.

She won't let me go. I sit back down. She pays my head. It is a little weird but I like it. Nezuko cuddles up to me. She smiles happily. I gives her a blank stares

1 week later

Every day we get closer. I am outside and see Shinobu I was going to ask her something but what.

"Muichiro what are you doing here. This is not like you." Shinobu says.

"I wanted to ask you something but I forgot." I say.

I walk past her and see the three boys training. The boy with the orange hair glares at me.

Zenitsu thinks Muichiro is steaing Nezuko's heart and hates him for that. Zenitsu sees how happy Nezuko is with Muichiro and the pillars see that Muichiro is becoming a little more open and more incentive. Muichiro smiles a lot more with Nezuko.

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