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Muichiro personality

He is an air-headed individual who seems to constantly wander off in thought and never focus on one thing. Impassive and, at times, obtuse, he tends to think only for himself and operates on logic alone, never letting emotion guide him. He is serious and nonchalant most times but it will all change.

Muichiro POV

The crow comes flying woods and lands on a branch. I just stare at it. What a strange thing. Woah look at that cloud. I wonder what it is called again. Hmmm what it is. I hear the crow yelling at me.

"There is a trial going on at the headquarters tomorrow!!" The crow yells.

I throw a rock at him. The crow flies away. I continue looking around. There is nothing interesting. I get up. What was I doing again. Who knows. I walk back to my house. I don't have much. Just a bed and some other things. I yawn and lay in. I wonder what this trial will be about. Who are the hashira again. I have no clue once so ever. This will be boring. I sigh and fall asleep.

The meeting

I get to the butterfly mansion. None of the hashira are here yet. I don't really care. I see the master. I bow in respect of him. I walk off forgetting what I am doing here.

"Muichiro there will be a meeting soon." Oyakata says.

Oh yeah. I nod and walk to the flowers. The other pillars start to show up. I think that is S-Sh-in-obu. Yeah that is her. I see Giyu and other pillars I forget. The Kakushi brings a weird looking boy in front of us. I walk over to them. Wait I remember them!! Mitsuri, Inguro snd Gyomei. I forget the rest. I look up in the clouds. What is that cloud called.

"Kocho who is the boy on the floor." I say

"That's Tanjiro Kamado. He is being put on trial for carrying a demon around." Shinobu says

Protecting a demon? Who would do that? Maybe this demon is different. I don't really care to be honest. I start to zone out and look at the clouds. The Kakushi is trying to wake up that boy. Annoying. They will probably want to kill this boy. I am already bored. I look around for something to do. Sanemi comes out with a box. That is where his sister is. I think it was Nezuko.

"Well well well what do we have here." Sanemi says

Oh I hate him. I get up and the pillars look at me. Oh there is a nice flower over. I will check it out. I walk over to the flower. Beautiful as ever. Plants are amazing. I get up and see Sanemi stab into the box. I think nothing of it but the other pillars are shocked by his behavior. He is one of the stupidest pillars here. I chuckle to myself. I walk back to the others.

"Brother like brother I see." I say calmly says.

The pillars look at me. Sanemi glares at me.

"What? Your behavior is atrocious as a pillar. Aren't we suppose to guide the new generation or something. Your brother is also another." I say

I sigh and look up at the sky. Ohhh look at that bird. Sanemi walks over to me. I see blood drip out of the box. He is making a mess. The boy hits Sanemi and makes him drop the box. The boy guards the box with his life. I sit down. I start playing with some rocks. I see the master.

"The master of the mansion has returned." The girls say.

We all bow.

"Morning to you all my children. It is good to see you." The master says.

"I am pleased to see you in good health master and wish you good fortune." Sanemi says.

"I thank you Sanemi." The master says.

I space out again.

"Will you all accept this condition." The master says.

Wait what condition? I will just agree.

"Master even though it is something you requested I can't bring my self to accept this." Gyomei says.

"I also oppose this. A demon slayer traveling with a demon is simply not cool." The guy with white hair says.

"As for myself I will do what ever you ask if master." The one with pink hair says

"I'll forget anyway. So I am fine either way." I say.

"I won't trust them at all. Second I loath demons." Inguro says.

It is a bird. What is it called again. Who knows. The girl starts to read a note and the boy cries.

"It doesn't matter how they choose to end their lives!! Fire, hanging, it is all the same. It doesn't guarantee our safety." Sanemi says.

"Sanemi is right. If she kills a human we can not turn back the clock. That person will be gone forever." Rengoku says.

"You do have a point." The master says.

"So what then." Sanemi says.

Still impatient as ever it seems.

"We can't guarantee she won't attack humans but we also can't be certain she will attack humans." The master says.

I see a pedal fall. Interesting as always. Sanemi is mad and growls.

"There is also another thing I want to tell you my children. Tanjiro has meet Muzan face to face." The master says.

Some of the hashira are shocked.

"That is impossible. Not even a hashira has seen or faced Muzan." Tengen says.

Huh? Wait what is going on again. The master makes everyone quite. I am bored. When will we be done with this. I don't listen to half the stuff they are saying. Sanemi throws the box into the shade. He stabs her through it and I hear her gasp in pain. My eyes widen and I feel sadness and anger but why. I don't know this demon or who she is. Sanemi opens the box. I see her and immediately feel happiness. Her warm and soft eyes and long hair. What is this feeling. Her name is Nezuko. What a pretty name. She is so cute. I hold in my emotions. I want to help her but I won't and let this play out.

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