Chapter 21

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The next morning, was not the best.
The comment made by my mom yesterday, eventually made everyone upset; except my grandma and herself of course. I think they're really enjoying this.

After taking a shower and changing, I arrived at the breakfast table to find everyone grumpy, so I decided to cheer them up by giving each one of them a tight hug, atleast that's what I felt I was doing because it doesn't feel like their muscles moved an inch from my hug.

Curse this weak and frail arms.

However, that seemed to do the trick since the heavy and depressing atmosphere had lightened up. I quickly ate my breakfast since I was getting late for college.

"Let's go Tyler." I say stuffing my mouth with whatever I could find on the table, in a half sitting and standing position.

"Slow down tesoro. I can talk to your principal if you want." My dad suggests, thinking it was a good idea.

"Whaa—" I choked.

"Delilah!" My mom comes rushing towards me.

"Get me a glass of water!" Tristan shouts.

After drinking the water and several pats on the back, my choking stops.

Not a day goes in this house without me causing a drama.

"Dad, that's not the brightest idea." I finally manage to say in between coughs.

"Okay I'm sorry tesoro." Why does he sound like a sad 5-year old now?

"I know you're just trying to look out for me." I say while giving him a hug.

"Okaaaayyyyy Tyler let's go before I cause more trouble." I announce before pulling away from him.

They finally let me go after a million goodbyes.


Finally after all the classes, I waited for Tyler near the car. He was later than usual, but he didn't text me about any other work.

And then it all happened in a flash. There was hand covering my mouth and a pricking sensation on the side of my neck. I starting kicking and thrashing around, but my vision was suddenly becoming darker until my body finally gave out.

Ladies and gentlemen, I was probably being abducted.

Hey guys!! This a reallllyyy short chapter and I'm sorry for that. But I guess there's gonna be some action in the next chapter😏
I hope you guys are all staying safe at home💗
Also I wanted to clarify The brothers, Delilah and Luca's ages.
Tristan- 27
I hope there are no problems with their ages.

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