1. Beyond the pale

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When I originally wrote this chapter Chris brown hadn't released the full version of 'lady in the glass dress.' so now I can finally attach the version he released <3 

Enjoy my beautiful readers x 30/6/20

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I stared at myself, for the longest time.

Brown-emerald eyes scolding me through the floor-length mirror. I stood on my toes trying to put height on my 5'3 petite body.

You're pathetic.

"Christina, honey.." My mother pulled open the red curtain back. When she saw me she gave me a sympathetic smile. She pitied me.

Even she thinks you're pathetic.

I quickly grabbed the midnight blue bridesmaids dress off the hook, covering my exposed olive skin. I was still in my black underwear. "Mom! I'm not ready."

She closed the curtain behind her. "I can see that." She stood beside me resting her hands on my shoulders. She stood 3 inches taller than me. I so badly wanted to tell her to go away. I didn't need this. I didn't need her pitied comfort.

Yes, you do.

"You'll get married someday, honey." She cooed, brushing my straight, shoulder-length brunette hair to the side and playing with the ends that curled slightly.

She was saying that to herself. To make her self feel better at the fact that I got dumped. I'm only 22 years old!

Yes, but you were dating a man that had money.

True, my mother wanted me and my sister to marry men of class and money. And I did.. Yet he broke my heart over the phone.

What an asshole.

My older sister was lucky she found a respected lawyer. Making mommy and daddy proud and all. But I questioned whether she actually loved him.

My mother shook me, her hazel eyes frowning at me. She was obviously talking and I was obviously ignoring.

"Will you let me get dressed?" I huffed, it was bad enough I had to come to this final fitting. I had to come with my mother, hearing her questions.

What did you do to poor Leo?

Why did you let him dump you?

Did you satisfy him in the bedroom?

The poor man.

My mother finally took that as her cue to leave me. Her long brunette hair whipping behind her as she turned on her heel and out of my sight.

I put on the floor-length dress, the color made my skin look even lighter; since I hadn't seen the sun for a while. And like my sister told me, it's her wedding and I have to wear whatever she wants and smile.

Straight after that was done. My sister and I and her 3 bridesmaids, headed into the heart of Chicago's nightlife. Who doesn't love a good bachelorette party?

You hate partying.

But Of course. My sister's friends found the most licentious club in Chicago. My parents would kill us if they found out, they always said girls like us shouldn't be found in places like this.

I followed them in feeling highly uncomfortable at what I was wearing. A short tight red skirt and a black V neck top that exposed my cleavage a little more than I would like it to.

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