"It's sad how rowdy these school children get over the smallest thing," Carlita said. "Anyway, I have to hurry home to my husband. He takes a late siesta and likes for me to be home to take one with him before the children come in from school."

"Isn't your daughter graduating this year?"

"Next year. And my son two years after that. They grow up so fast," Carlita said. "Seems like yesterday I was changing their diapers."

"I wish I had a husband and children to go home to," Amy said. "I wish I didn't have to work then I wouldn't have to go through such humiliation. I'd just get my husband to take care of him with one knock-out punch." Amy punched her right fist into her left palm.

"Don't worry," Ann said with a chuckle. "It doesn't matter where you are working, men are going to proposition you. Like I said, we can talk about this tomorrow. Why don't we meet up here at about 2:15 tomorrow. We can exchange stories while we wash and dry and fold."

"Sounds good to me. But I have to say this," Amy said, "What got to me was he had a big Bible laying open on the bed."

"You remember that when we exchange stories on tomorrow," Ann said as she walked out the door. "These church-going, Bible-carrying men are something else."

"Vamos, amigas. Let's go, friends. I'll give you a ride home, Amy ," Carlita said.

"Thanks. My car won't be ready for another two days."


The Office of Dr. Franklin Patel, Ph.D

and Dr. Bianca Patel, Ph.D

Dr. Franklin Patel, Ph.D and Dr. Bianca Patel, Ph.D, were reviewing the records of their clientele and discussing the best way to continue the counseling sessions for some of their clients. They were in their thirty-seventh year of marriage, had raised four children, and were the proud grandparents of seven grandchildren. Both were now in their golden years having accomplished their life dreams and goals and were now helping others to live their life to its fullest and enjoying every minute of it. Dr. Franklin Patel's clientele were primarily men. Dr. Bianca Patel's clientele were primarily women. However, they did counsel couples and families together.

"We may have to go to court again," Bianca said to her husband.

"Oh, really?"

"Yes. Someone from the sheriff's office came by with a subpoena requesting that I turn over my case notes and all other documents related to Don and Alice Walker, the couple who's on the verge of getting a divorce. Apparently while I have been counseling them thinking all was confidential, Don has been discussing all of our counseling session interchange with his mother without Alice's knowledge. One of the complaints that Alice has is that he's a mama's boy and mama refuses to cut the apron string and he's her little baby. She has never allowed him to grow up. Anyway, both her and Don have been talking to a divorce lawyer about the whole thing and well, things are not looking good," Bianca said.

"Oh, boy," Franklin said. "So I guess we have to meet with the lawyer to straighten things out."


"Anything else?"

"Yes. The Rawlings couple who we both have been counseling, sometimes together, sometimes separately, well, Randy shared with me today that he was involved in a relationship with another woman and that his wife does not know about it. He does not plan on telling Rhoda, and he insists that I do not tell her. Can you believe that after almost three months of counseling he is now telling me this?"

"Well, you have to tell Rhoda. You can't have a marriage based on lies, secrets, and deceit," Franklin said.

"I know. But remember Standard B.2.b of the ACA Code of Ethics states that 'information about one family member cannot be disclosed to another family member without permission' in family counseling. So I'm ethically bound to keep Randy's secret," Bianca said. "They both swore to tell me the truth up-front. And I specifically asked them were they involved with anyone. They both said no. I may have to refer them to another counselor as my conscience won't allow me to continue the sessions with this new knowledge. I thought counseling couples sometimes separately was a good thing as they would not feel like the other person is breathing down their necks. You know, that they would feel freer to really share what is in their hearts. I felt led to do this for Rhoda's sake as she seemed feeble and afraid of him."

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