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"pfft. how is it even possible to be allergic to baby powder?"

"i bet he just looks really ugly, which is why he wears a mask."

"yeah, yeah. and he uses the excuse that he's allergic to baby powder to have a reason to wear a mask."

"baby powder is harmless. i use it everyday. i don't find it reasonable to be allergic to it."

"he's probably bluffing. its not possible and its absolutely ridiculous."

"i've never heard anything more ridiculous. like seriously. baby powder? i can come up with something better than that."

"-dam. yedam. are you okay?" a voice was heard in close proximity to the said male, whose name was just called out. opening his eyes slowly, the said male was met with a bright light shining in his eyes, and he used his hands to shade him from it.

"are you okay?" this time, a different voice asked the same question, the voice ringing through yedam's ears as he tried to make sense of what happened and where he was. looking around with the little strength he currently has, he saw the faces of ten other boys in the room, sitting and standing around the area where the said male was lying down, with worried looks on their faces.

this time, taking a look at the surroundings, yedam saw the image of a familiar room, namely, the hospital. he couldn't exactly recall the reason as to why he was here; everything was a blur to him when it occurred. but he didn't want continuously end up in this place because being in the hospital means that something bad happened to him, as it always does.

"i think i'm okay," yedam finally decided to reply after getting a grip on the situation. he looked around the room at each and every one of the familiar faces presented in front of him and gave a small smile. at least he was still lucky to be alive, and the male was able to make this conclusion after spending a second to refresh his brain briefly about the events leading up to his current state.

everyone let out a sigh of relief, a breath that they didn't know they were holding, when they heard a word come from yedam's mouth, confirming his well being. the doctor had mentioned earlier that the male would be okay, but yedam had gotten it pretty bad this time, so they weren't sure if they could trust the doctor one hundred percent on his diagnosis.

"ayo. what are we going to do with you?" a panda-looking male, named jihoon, breathed out as he made his way to the side of the bed and helped yedam sit up after seeing him struggling to get up from his laying position on the bed.

"baby powder allergies aren't really common. it would make sense as to why he's being bullied in school," another male, by the name of hyunsuk, said, crossing his arms on the opposite side of the bed from where jihoon was, giving a concerned look towards the younger male.

jihoon was yedam's older step-brother since the two of them were in middle school. their dads got married to each other back then, so they were really close after all those years of being together. hyunsuk was jihoon's boyfriend, and the two have been together since their last year in high school. the two of them were now in their third year of college and spending their three years together. yedam only knew hyunsuk because of his connection with jihoon, since the two of them have been friends for a while before.

hyunsuk and jihoon were the two people of yedam's friends that were the most protective of him, maybe because they were the two oldest, but also because they've been with the male since he was in middle school, so they were also the closest people to him, other than yedam's parents. hyunsuk and jihoon usually try to protect the younger male from getting attacked and bullied in school, but its difficult, especially when the two of them are in a grade higher than the said male and have completely different classes and timetables.

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