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Emma ran and ran. Her eyes were red and puffy from crying and she was still shaking. After a few minutes, she arrived at Alexa's home.

She rang the bell multiple times, and Alexa answered almost immediately.

Alexa's eyes widened seeing Emma in this state. Emma broke down and fell crying onto Alexa's arms, mumbling incoherent words.

Alexa slowly took her in and sat her down on her couch, wrapping her arms around Emma. She wiped Emma's tearful eyes, it broke Alexa to see her best friend like this. After a couple of minutes of crying, Alexa was about to ask Emma what had happened, but then she heard light snoring and looked down to see Emma sleeping.

Alexa sighed and lay her head on Emma's, and soon, she also fell asleep.

'Tell me you're joking, Emma. I did NOT raise you to be a slut!'


'Ew, you should stay away from people like her, you might catch the gayness!'

'You faggot! What are people gonna think of us now?!'

'Don't you DARE come near this house ever again!!'

"-a... -mma.. Emma!"

Emma was woken up by the sound of Alexa calling her name while shaking her, pulling her into reality.

She looked up at Alexa with teary eyes and broke down again, crying uncontrollably. Alexa held a Emma in her arms and tried to calm her down. After a few minutes, Alexa heard the crying stop and looked down to see Emma's eyes closed.

"What happened to you?" Alexa whispered to herself, not meaning for Emma to hear, but she did, she was awake. After a while, Alexa left. Emma opened her eyes again and sat up. Her mind went back to when Sera broke up with her. She wondered why Sera would break up with her, what did Emma do to make Sera so mad?

Emma felt her heart clench at the memory of Sera kissing Reya. Her eyes began to water again but she shook her head and tried not to think of it. She lay back down and tried to go to sleep again..

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