39: Nikah2.0

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Author's POV:

         Bringing the cup of tea for her father, Humaira came into the drawing room where her father was doing some work on his laptop.

"Abba.." she earned his attention and upon seeing her, Ahsan smiled and took.the cup of tea. It was the afternoon of the next day since Ahsan had gone to Saeed Mansion to give them the invitation.

"Abba.. you really should have told me before going to Saeed uncle's house. I hadn't told Aayat about anything yet. " Humaira said as she said down. Her brows furrowing as she looked tense.

Ahsan looked at his daughter and then smiled at her innocence as he said,
"Humaira I am so sorry I had no idea. And besides you also didn't told me. "

          Humaira couldn't say anything as she knew deep down there was nobody she could blame. Ahsan didn't fail to notice her tension so he said,

"Come on dear, Aayat didn't really seemed that upset. I am sure she will be okay."

           Humaira's eyes gazed up at that as she said in total seriousness,

"Abba you don't know she is totally going to attack me the moment she comes in the house."

Ahsan couldn't help but laugh at this as Humaira glared at him. Stiffling his laugh he said,

"Why didn't you call and said sorry to her?"

Humaira sighed and said a little shyly
"Abba I.. I was embarrassed.. that's why  I had been kinda ignoring her calls."

"You what?"Ahsan said surprisedly while Humaira just looked at him as if she was found guilty of a crime. The stare continued until Ahsan again broke into laugh while Humaira just disappointedly yelled,


          "Well you better get your explanation prepared. Aayat may be coming anytime soon." Ahsan said chuckling, not doing any help to Humaira.

            "Assalam walaikum!" A familiar voice echoed through the hall and Humaira could feel her heart stop as she knew who it was. It was Aayat.

"Walaikum salam , daughter." Ahsan said as he saw Aayat coming towards them. He stood up and patted on Aayat's head while Humaira too stood up as she saw Aayat greeting his father , she felt as if her throat had gone dry and then she was blessed with a glare by her.

Which said, ' You're so dead.'

She gulped down and nonetheless put on a small smile.

"Did Mahir came to drop you?" Ahsan asked to Aayat to which she replied,

"No uncle.. actually I came directly from my office."

"Oh.. are your in-laws okay with you know you staying here for this week till Humaira's wedding?" Ahsan asked.

Aayat genuinely smiled as she answered,

"They were actually happy uncle. They even said me to congratulate you on their behalf."

Ahsan smiled as he said,

"Oh.. I am going to invite them myself to the wedding. "

Aayat nodded as she then sat on one of the chairs. Ahsan looked at her daughter who smiled at her slightly as he then looked at Aayat and said,

"Okay.. you two sit now, I had some work at office." Saying so, he exited the drawing room leaving the two ladies behind.

          Humaira was now awkwardly standing in the middle of room while Aayat sat on the chair straight opposite her, her eyes on her like a predator. After collecting all the courage inside her, Humaira turned and managed to look into her eyes finding Aayat's eyes narrowed at her,

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