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There I was standing in an open field, walking around the benches hidden between the bushes, hearing the birds tweeting while the children were playing, running round screaming as they went higher on the swing. What was going on around me was a complete blur, suddenly what felt like a hundred people around me, went to me, and the earth. What was supposed to be walk out to the park to meet a "friend", turned out to something horrifically worse...

Standing up from the hidden benches, I looked up at the grey sky and hung up the phone call, carrying sudden feelings of regret and comfort that over powered me, mumbling under my breathe reassuring myself "it's ok". All of the sudden the world felt less empty, the children playing became louder and clearer, as the birds tweeting never sounded so peaceful before. It was only up until this moment when Rachel felt more human.

Before the walk home began I put my phone in the pocket of my baggy, old jeans and began to hesitantly walk towards the old rustic church by the side of my house. How was I ever going to face my Dad and explain how the time with Sandy was. Sandys' life was so 'normal', she has that traditional family where the Dad works and the mum cleans, tea for 6pm as they sit around a fire place catching up on their days... Anyway, I'm not jealous, or am I really? As I approached the church, the vibrating sensation in the back pocket caused sudden shock, my body froze, not the kind where it's cold, but the kind where I don't want to move, my body wouldn't allow me.

My voice trembled... "Hello... who is this?"

PC Jones "Hello, my name is PC Jones, am I speaking to Morgan?"

Rachel " um... yes, you are."

PC Jones" OK then, Morgan, I would like to come and see you to have a quick chat, can I ask where you are please?"
Rachel "oh um I'm just out at the moment"

PC Jones "Ok, where can I meet you, what are you near right now so I can come and talk to you, if not we can do it at your home if you'd like, just give me your address"

Rachel "no no... not at home... do you know where Nightingale train station is, can you meet me there, I will walk there now" PC Jones "yes I do, I will be there in 5 minutes, see you shortly!"

As the phone call ended, the bright pink burner phone hit the ground so hard as I threw it in grave yard, disposing the evidence, it felt so good to throw something so valuable, to have the control, it felt as though my mistakes has been fixed in that one throw. The walk to the train station wasn't any easier, the traffic passing me all looked so innocent. Standing outside the station, number of police cars went by, my heart is beating out of my chest... "I wonder if this one is.... oh no... it is this one the police woman... oh no... can I just turn around and run away." The fear shivered down my spine, and my knees went week as in the near distance a red haired police woman in a black and yellow uniform walked up to her and did a slight wave... "Hello, so you're Morgan".

The hairs on the back of my neck raised every so slightly, the traffic of the cars suddenly slowed down and the whole world felt like it was on stand-by, "um... yes, I am Morgan." Knowing full well by the sigh coming from the officers mouth, I knew I had been caught out as she smirked and began to walk down the narrow street back by the church. Pulled up on the left hand side was PC Jones police car as she abruptly told me to come with her down to the station for a 'chat', she opened the door of the front passenger seat, and I sat down nervously. The skin around my finger nails was starting to bleed as I was biting it off layer by layer, however, I am in the front seat, am I in trouble?

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