Chapter 2

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He seemed to be just as surprised as I was. Clearly, we recognized each other from the night before, where this transfer student was crying and I was just eerily watching. No one noticed his surprised expression but me, because the staring was short-lived as he turned away from me with a look of embarrassment. I'd be embarrassed too. I guess this is a movie, because how is it such a coincidence that we've met before?

Im just joking, it's not like my actions were being controlled by some third-party player. This is life. "Tell us about yourself." Mrs, Green insisted, after a few seconds of silence. Right, he hadn't spoken yet. It was a few more seconds before something even remotely interesting came from the boy's mouth.

"My name is.. Darryl Noveschosch." He coughed lightly before continuing to tell everyone about where he was from, why he transfered here, and a couple of other miscellanious traits that I was completely ignoring. He said he was 16, only a year older than me- but way taller. I was 5'5'', and he was at least 3 inches taller than me. I can only deduce this because I remember having a picture of myself and my two friends standing in front of that blackboard, he was around Vincent's height I guess. Why am I acting so weird about this? All I did was witness him-- no, a stranger-- crying at 11PM in my favorite spot. Nothing weird about that. I tapped my mechanical pencil against my desk, bouncing my leg too. It was so tense in here. The introduction seemed to satisfy Mrs. Green, because she directed him to an empty desk a few rows behind mine and he readily sat down. Maybe it was a little weird. At least the introduction was over, they're always my least favorite thing. Who needs to know anything about anyone?

Homeroom was over in a snap (probably because it's around 20 minutes long before the first period classes), and I was shoving my materials back into my backpack. This 'Darryl' was talking to the class representative, 'Rose' (or better known as Finn). Probably getting his schedule and getting help to find all his classes. "Does anyone have Algebra 2 next period?" Finn asked. Despite being dressed in a wig and e-girl clothing, fake nails and makeup too- he still stayed true to his gender with a manly voice. Some days he'd be dressed as a girl, other day's he'd be himself. It was unclear to everyone why Finn did this, but it was accepted anyway. I saw the two look up from a sheet of paper (probably his schedule), and started to recall the question. "Does anyone have Algebra 2 next period?" I have math next class. That was my cue to leave. I settled my hand on the door handle, just about to push down to open the door and leave.

"Zak has math first hour!" A voice spoke, coated with a heavy accent and snickering loudly after speaking. It was Vincent. Why did he go out of his way to tell everyone? I shot my best friend a glare from across the room, and it wasn't a playful glare at all. Finn frowned, probably concluding that I tried to leave so I wouldn't have to interact with the new guy. 



"Zak, take Darryl to math. He doesn't know the way." The crossdresser known as 'Finn' said sternly. Zak, dressed in the same cornflower blue hoodie and dark jeans Darryl saw him in last night, grumbled in annoyance before swinging open the wooden door and walking out. The whole class was giggling like a bunch of middle school girls. Finn shook his head as he turned to the transfer student. "Don't mind him, he's always like this." He gave Darryl a sympathetic smile and a pat to the shoulder before pointing behind himself with his thumb, "go follow him before you lose him. Ha." He didn't even have time to question it before the bell sounded again, meaning everyone was pretty much late for class. Whoops. Darryl ran out of the door to catch up with Zak, slightly nervous. Before the whole room had rushed out, Mrs. Green had said something about getting late passes for everybody. Phew.


I had been walking for about a minute before I heard shoe-steps behind me. I took a glance back- and sure enough, it was the transfer. Darryl. Actually, upon seeing him I nearly jumped- hopefully it wasn't noticeable.  The bell had rung a few seconds before, but I could care less about getting to math class on time. I could just use the new kid as an excuse. We walked in synchronized silence, and I hadn't even noticed the thickening tension before I heard the anxiety that filled the taller boy's voice. Maybe it was just how he was (seeing as their last—err, first encounter had used the same tone), but the tension only seemed to get thicker form that point. "We've met before... right?" What a dumb question. Wasn't that staring session we had at the beginning of homeroom confirmation that we had met already? I didnt respond, instead darted my gaze away and shoved my hands in the pockets of my jeans. He probably took that as a 'Yes, stupid' because he shut up after that.

The next glance i took of him was met with repetitive hand-weaving and nervous eyes trying to comprehend their surroundings. If it came with any other symptoms, I would have been worried that he had an sensory disorder and we had to stop and spend MORE time with each other as I took him to the nurse's office. I seemed to be staring for too long, because he spoke up again. "Are you.. mad at me?" Does all this guy do is ask stupid questions?

"I don't even know you," I began, "how can I be mad at you?" I did a motion with my hands to express my feelings, and most of the anxiety from unanswered questions had died down. It took me a second but I decided to shoot a question at him this time. "Why were you crying under my tree?" I asked, looking straight forward. I was trying to be casual, but my own question was pretty weird I guess.

"Well..." He immediately trailed off, it seemed like some anxiety resurfaced. "Wait- that's your tree?" Darryl raised an eyebrow at me, and I couldn't help but laugh. It was more of a chuckle, but fuller. 

"It's not my tree obviously, I just claim it as mine." I replied with a tiny grin on my face. It didnt bother me that I switched emotions like Finn switches genders, it was quite funny in my opinion. I looked at the other's emerald eyes again, and his face. He was smiling now too, and it seemed to be contagious, because i smiled even bigger. Instinctively, I stopped.

"We're here." I announced, both boys halted in front of another wooden door labeled 'Mr. Lloyd'. That was the teacher for Algebra two.


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