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"Damn, you look hot." Brook comments as I turn towards her.

She's wearing a navy and white striped tuxedo, she had on a hat with her hair in goddess braids that ended at her hips; the braids were decorated with golden rings like the ones on her fingers. "You don't look too bad yourself, babe."

Brooklyn sits in the chairs across from my bed. "How does it feel to be engaged?"

"I would say fantastic if the woman I was engaged to didn't hate me." I say with a pout as I step forward from the mirror and go to her suspenders and snap them. She chuckles at me before rubbing at her chest.

"I'm sure you'll win her over, champ." Brooklyn grins, "I met her and she's very nice."

Groaning I sit across from her, "I told you to get her acquainted, not to intimidate her."

"Do I look intimidating?" She says with her childish grin and wide doe eyes.

"Just because you look like a cinnamon roll doesn't mean you actually are one." I deadpan and she laughs loudly.

"Fair point, my friend, fair point." A casual shrug as she brushed her finger over her lips. "Either way, we talked and I don't think she hates you as much as she says so."

I go over the list of things that I've done over the past hour as I settle my watch onto my wrist. "I'm not so sure."

"You've had sex, she can't hate you that much." Brooklyn attempts to convince me as I look out of the window into the city. The world was bright even in the pure darkness, this truly was a city that never slept.

"I have the number from one of the girls at the bar that was extremely interested in you." I say changing the subject.

"Not so fast, I'm already taken." She appears by my side. "So, don't change the subject."

"Chasing Delphi and being taken are two different things."

"Delpi and I are a process."

Shooting her an annoyed glance I can't help but wonder why she does this to herself. Chase after a girl that doesn't even know she's being chased. Delphi was beautiful, no doubt, but she was not worth the countless sleepless and alcohol filled nights that Brooklyn forces herself through. It wasn't fair to her and a part of it wasn't fair to Delphi either. It didn't take Einstein to figure out why everyone Delphi got even a little close to suddenly didn't want to be more than just friends.

My stupid friends were almost as helpless with love as I was and yet I was the first out of all of us to be engaged. Marriage was never something that I wanted and I still don't, but if it was with her than I could imagine that marriage not be completely a waste of time and resources.

"Could you love her?" Brooke questions.

I shake my head, "I don't know. I don't know if I want to."

"She's going to be your wife."

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