Irreplaceable Memory

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When the leaves will start to fall
And the flowers will lose their essence
I won't miss the enchanting aroma of your skin
As your love is my favourite fragrance

As I'll get older, My taste will change
I'll crave the food that I would savour
But the one thing which will remain the same
That your name will be my favourite flavour

When the music won't be soothing anymore
The one which makes the nature an enchanting ground
My rhythm will still follow you
Your humming will be my favourite sound

The Moon may no longer have its glow
The sun might go out of the sight
My vision can still find you in the crowd of thousands
Cause you're its favourite delight

The Earth might will stop glorifying
We might not be "Goals" Anymore
When the machines will start to give up on me
Your aching smile will be my cure

My world will start to vanish one day
My mind will forget every smile and worry
My Heart will still remember to beat for you
As You're its irreplaceable memory

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