i know you want to leave but friend please don't take your life away from me

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okay so today's the first day of school online and it sucks but it's not that bad. it just sucks bc i wanna hug my friends and talk to my teachers and give the incoming freshmen so many hugs bc some of them are so sweet and i don't want any of them to go through what i did at the beginning of freshman year

anywho i'm listening to twenty one pilots in between classes bc as far as i know i've checked every class and i turned in every student teacher agreement so i don't need to do anything except wait for my next class meeting :))

ik that song is depressing but i freaking love that one and like every song from self titled. like i never really memorized the songs from that album bc i was more into the later albums at the time but i'm realizing how awesome they are rn and i've been listening to them a lot this past week.

i finally finished love victor (which is amazing bc i started it on the first day it came out and i barely finished it this morning) basically since i don't feel like watching legend of korra i started love victor again and boy oh boy the last few episodes were freaking bomb. episode 8 is by far my favorite bc nick robinson and keiynan lonsdale and katya zamalodchikova or however the hell you spell her last name. when i watching the credits at the beginning i saw a keyboard smash and i was like wait KATYA?!! and omigosh the nonbinary character and the way victor came out shfksk it was so beautiful oh and those butch gays loved them. i think i'm gonna make a video all about that episode bc i need to talk about it more

also wtf is up with legend of korra?? it's not necessarily terrible but compared to avatar it is definitely weird. like it's not as great as avatar and definitely not as good as other cartoons i've seen but it's definitely NOT the worst

okay so my teachers are freaking awesome i think the only one i might have a problem with is my geometry teacher but only bc i get tense around teachers that are super sweet and nice. it's just upsetting to me that they have little to no control over their students but everyone still respects them to an extent it's sad. but other than that i love all of them. i thought i'd have a problem with my world history teacher but he's actually super funny and cool so that's fun :))

my family said if i was serious about youtube they would buy me the stuff i need like lights and editing software and maybe even a computer shfkdhsk like i don't like christmas and barely even like the gift part (i mean come on, i barely even celebrate it bc i'm agnostic) but that would be freaking awesome

i recently got better at editing stuff through imovie and it looks so cool :)) i feel so much better about my videos now :)

the beginning of isle of flightless birds always reminds me of some robert rodriguez movie like once upon a time in mexico or something with antonio banderas and machete

that's it i suppose, love ya, buh bye!!


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