Moving On With My Life

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Moving on with my life

I'll do as I please,

Open the door and throw the keys.

I left that part of my life for good,

Not looking back, moving on I should.

You tried to make me choose, that's not fair,

I tried, I fought, I loved you, I cared.

But some people get tired of unbreakable losing,

They get fed up with the impossible choosing.

I tried not to get involved,

But even then it wouldn't be solved.

The problems still rose,

Until all of us chose,

But once again that's not fair.

Not choosing doesn't mean I don't care.

I was a sister and friend,

My help and support I did lend.

But making me choose,

That just caused you to lose,

To lose me that quick,

It's no complex trick.

Goodbye, I am done.

No more hits for the gun.

It's no ones fault but your own,

Your so called "care" you have sure shown.

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