Chapter 55 - 🖤

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•Roxie's POV ~

The early morning sun rays shine through the windows brightly as I slowly open my eyes. I could see the trees slightly moving with the small breeze of the wind and I hear the birds chirping.

I take a few moments to just lay here in bed and stare at the ceiling. A few moments for myself in the quiet before everyone begins running around and shouting orders though, I'm sure Damon already has them doing that downstairs.

Damon... the man that I told I would never marry but now here I am, going to marry him in a couple of hours.

I chuckle quietly to myself at the thought.

Never say never.

My heart rate picks up as my thoughts unexpectedly drift to him. The one person from my past that I thought would never hurt me. I haven't thought about Frankie since the night Ness, Ashley and I went out to the club. It's like my mind completely shut him out and forgot about him.

Though, I'm not sure why he suddenly popped into my mind now. Especially today of all days.

I put my arms over my face and release a long sigh, ridding myself of those thoughts. I am not going to be thinking about that today. Today is going to be a drama free day.

My alone and quiet time is short lived as the door swings open and screaming is heard.

"Get up bitch!!!! It's time to get you ready for marriage!" Ness yells, causing me to reluctantly sit up.

Lily runs into the room and crawls on the bed before jumping up and down, "Mommy and daddy are getting married!!"

I laugh and grab her in my arms, pull her down to lay across my legs and then tickle her stomach all over. She erupts into laughter, trying her best to move my hands away but with no success.

"M-mommy, st-s-stop!" She says, between laughter, tears building up in her eyes.

I remove my hands and lean down, placing a kiss on her forehead before letting her up.

"I love you, mommy." She tells me, once she catches her breath.

I smile and pinch her left cheek, "I love you too, bubbles."

"Is she up yet?" Ashley questions, while walking into the room. "Oh, you are. That's good because the makeup and hair dressers are here already."

"Did they just get here?" I ask, looking at the time on the clock.

It's seven thirty in the morning. That's super early but I've never been married before. I don't know how long it takes for a bride to get ready.

She shakes her head and tightens her robe, "No, they've been here for about an hour now."

My eyes widen, "I'm sorry, what? They got here at six thirty?"

"Yeah, I don't know why they got here so early but Damon told them to wait until you woke up because if they disturbed you, then he'd cut off their fingers and make them eat it." She says, with a scrunched up face.

"Ewww." Lily calls out, and I give Ashley a look.

She lets out a nervous laugh, "Sorry."

"Oh, Ashley, could you take Lil's back to her room? Damon hired a hair dresser for her too. She should be in her room by now." Ness says, her expression suddenly more serious.

Ashley nods her head with a smile and grabs Lily's hand, "Yeah, of course. I have to go get ready now also."

After they leave, Ness closes the bedroom door before limping her way over to the bed. She sits down next to me as I sit criss cross, facing towards her.

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