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" are you okay?" the blonde says to the darker girl

" yeah I'm fine, thanks for the ride"

" call me if you need anything"

" Dinah"

" Yes?"

" Sydney killed Ariana"

" I knew something was up with that girl"

" We were at a party at David's house he is a quarterback, Sydney decided that she wanted to play a prank on Ariana, by the way Sydney was in college with us but she dropped out after her first year. Anyway she wanted me to be in on it but I told her point blank no since ect is not something to play with, but she went ahead regardless. After we found Ari passed out on the floor, Sydney had sworn up and down that she had nothing to do with it even though they found the ect in her system, large amounts of it; they ruled it out as self consumption. But a few months after I overheard her and Tucker talking and she confessed it all to him. Tucker is a nice guy but he cannot see through Sydney he thinks she means well"

" If Tucker is such a good guy why does he uses drugs then?"

" He has got a lot going on back home so he sees drugs as his escape"

" I'll put out an arrest for Sydney and I'll stay outside of this dorms so I can keep an eye out"

The darker girl phone rings

" You're gonna regret what you just did bitch" The call ends

" Who was that?"

" It was Sydney I dont know how she found out-

" Shh" she places her finger to her lips. The officer looks around and finds a camera ripping it out of the wall. " Your room was bugged. Look you're spending the night at my appartment, so pack some clothes. I'll contact the station so they can put out an arrest for her. It's more than likely that she is already here"

The darker girl grabs a few pieces of clothing and throws it into an overnight bag while placing her laptop in her back pack grabbing her phone and charger before leaving. The police officer decided that it was safer to leave out back. When they got to the parking lot Sydney was coming out of her car.The blonde managed in the nick of time to pull the darker woman behind a car, when their path was cleared they ran to her car and the blonde drove off.

" I found out who is responsible for Ariana's death, its Sydney West she is at the university dorms, ive got her with me" she says at she looks at Normani. "Yeah she is gonna stay the night with me, now hurry and arrest her" She ends the call. " Hey, everything is going to be okay" She says to the darker girl

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