Lost Between The Deserts And Oceans

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When is this elevator going to stop? It feels as if I've been in here forever, my ears are practically bleeding from hearing all the useless gossip from the two woman that has entered earlier, but the one word 'interview' seemed to snap me out of my thoughts and focus on what they're saying.

"Have you heard? Mr Kim's best friend sent his daughter here today for an interview, what was her name again..." the one with the round glasses starts to tap her heel against the floor as she looks up at the ceiling in thought before snapping her fingers loudly with an obnoxiously loud smile.

"Ah right! Sana Hanson! Yes, that's her name." My head snaps up to said woman who's gripping onto her resume so tightly her knuckles begin to turn ghost white, the edges of the papers start to crease and scrunch under her hands.

"Mr Hanson asked Mr Kim to be extra harsh to make her learn about the world and the harsh reality of how working really is." She says making the other woman chuckle like an old woman would, I mentally cringe at the noise.

Involuntarily, my teeth bite the inside of my cheek as I grow impatient by the second, being between the three was beginning to feel really awkward.

Why isn't this stopping Goddamnit?! I sigh frustratingly while controlling the urge to rake a hand through my hair, my eyes glancing up at Sana's and filling with unease as her jaw clenches so tightly it was most definitely aching, but she kept firm.

"She'll have a very hard time here, he'll make her life a living hell!" They snicker to each other and I don't bother masking my boredom with the two as I dramatically roll my eyes and lean against the wall behind me.

My eyes clamping shut as I attempt to shut off their voices and begin to contemplate whether I should even go through with an interview I sure as hell am not going to pass.

My eyes fly open when the elevator finally comes to a stop with a ding, and the doors open slowly. Lifting my head off the wall, I wait for the woman to walk through the door but they, of course, take their sweet time.

I stop in my tracks when Sana immediately clicks the ground button floor and the doors begin to shut.

"Hey! Weren't we supposed to get off here?" My brows dip in confusion and annoyance, at my voice she tilts her head back at me with an equal amount of irritation. But from what I could tell, it was not aimed at me.

"You take the job." She forces a tight lipped smile "I'm not gonna stay here another Goddamn second more." She grits her teeth, clearly irritated at her fathers requests towards her.

The doors open slowly revealing the light from the lobby "Good luck." I watch speechlessly as tilts her head back again to give me a small wave in which I don't get the chance to respond to as she turns back around to face the front again.

And with one last glance filled with a burning hatred she throws the papers up into the air, my eyes finally leave her figure and widen at the sheets of paper falling around me and landing softly onto the floor beside my feet.

Too dumbfounded to say anything else, my voice barely manages voice out as I whip my head back up to yell at her distant figure walking away "What the hell?!"

Frustration is evident as I kneel down, grabbing hold of all the papers and sorting them out on my lap, I manage to get back up without wobbling too much from my heels and heave a long sigh as I begin to scan through her resume.

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