Birthday Chapter (not canon to the story)

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Valt: Hurry guys!!! Athena will be here any minute now!!!

*Hikaru and Hyuga were wrapping the presents, Rantaro was in charge of the food, Shu and Aiga were baking the cake, Drum, Lui, Free and Ranjiro were in charge of decorations and party games, Sisco was in charge of the Ice Cream and Valt helped with out with the tasks everyone else was working on*

Rantaro: Food is ready. Shu, Aiga! hows the Cake coming along?

Aiga: Its almost done! Just a few more minutes.

*Sisco walks in with the ice cream*

Sisco: She's Coming!!!

Valt: Who, Athena?

Sisco: Yeah she's heading this way!! I had to take the long way around so the ice cream is kinda melted.. 

Valt: Thats fine. Just put it in the freezer.

*the door opens and Athena walks in*

Valt: Oh no!!! CRAP!!!

Athena: A party? For me?!

Valt: Yeah.... We were just finishing up.... *sweats nervously*

Athena: Thats ok. Im pretty patient!

*a few minutes later, the party began and Shu brought out his famous spaghetti carbonara, Aiga brought out some sandwiches and Drum brought out some steaks for everyone, Rantaro brought out Pizza and Valt brought out a basket of Bey-Bread*

Athena: Thanks so much you guys!! Everything looks delicious!!

*with that everyone started to dig in*

*after lunch it was time to eat cake, Shu lit the candles and everyone started to sing happy birthday*

Athena: **in her mind** yall really didn't have to do all this for me...

*she blew out the candles*

Hyuga: What did you wish for?

Athena: Im not quite sure... Ii didnt really know what to wish for...

Valt: Thats ok if you're not sure. I wasn't sure what to wish for either on my birthday.

Rantaro: Yeah that sounds about right!

Athena: Anyway lets get into that cake.

*the cake was cut and everybody got a slice*

Athena: MmmmmMMMM this cake is so good!!

*Valt brought out a card that was signed by all the Legends, and even held a box in his hand*

Valt: For you. That is from us all!

*she opens it and begins to cry tears of joy as she saw what was in the box*

*it was a beautiful blue and black Sparking Bey and a launcher was in there too*

Valt: We all made that based on your drawing, and it came out pretty dang well.

Athena: Thanks you guys!! I love it!!! This has been the best birthday ever!!!

[The End]

Thank you for reading!! Today is my birthday as well as my OC's birthday too. This was so fun to make and I hope you like it

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