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Alfred ended up following Gilbert to the newspaper club. Inside of the room was Kiku, Ludwig, Feliciano, Lovino, and Antonio. Lovino and Antonio weren't in the club, but they hung out there often. Alfred looked nervous as the students stared at him. Worry and regret seemed to pool into his stomach as he began thinking it was a mistake. His hope was squashed as the thought passed through his head that he should've gone home and ended it all. Oh god he should've declined Gilbert's offer and left. He should have gone home and ended it all. No one would find him, no one would know. It'd be okay. He'd be happy if he-

"Hello Alfred," ludwig said. When Alfred wasn't looking as they walked to the room, Gilbert had sent ludwig a text saying he thought Alfred was going to attempt and instead of letting him go gilbert brought him there. Ludwig and the others knew how serious it was seeing as Lovino had once attempted in middle school and they were depressed for weeks. The only difference was that Lovino had friends and family, alfred didnt. "Would you like to join us for lunch today? We'll be having a club meeting during it but," he made a face before sighing "we don't get much done during the meetings." Feli wore a warm smile as he nodded,

"Mhm! You should join us Alfred!" He happily said and skipped over, grabbing his hand and holding it "I made lotsa extra pasta! I'll share it with you!" Feli exclaimed sweetly and beamed up at him with a warm smile. Kiku nodded,

"I agree, you should join us." He said in his usual voice "I think it'd be nice to have someone new join us for lunch. Uhm..." Kiku paused to think and gave a small smile, "the more the merrier?" Feli gasped and nodded,

"Yes yes! The more the merrier!" He happily exclaimed "so will you please join us Alfred?" He looked back at him. Alfred seemed less nervous, but still hesitant. He was planning on staying here and leaving at lunch to do it, since lunch was his worst period besides PE and breakfast. If he had skipped lunch and went to the roof it'd be an easy and quick death, but they invited him out again! Why did they keep doing that? He should decline. He should politely say no and that he had something else to do! But he didn't, Alfred didn't want to die, he just wanted the pain to stop. He didn't want to exist in such a painful life anymore! Alfred slowly, and nervously nodded,

"Okay...but I didn't bring any lunch...I Uhm...don't normally eat lunch." Alfred told them. Alfred didn't eat most meals. He'd eat a small granola bar if he was starving but that was it. Nothing else. He wanted to loose weight, because then people wouldn't hate him as much. If he wasn't fat and ugly he'd have friends. Antonio shot Ludwig a worried look and the boy walked over and smiled warmly, hooking an arm around his shoulders gently. Even if it was gentle Alfred still flinched at the sudden touch. He was used to getting hit.

"Aye...what if you share a lunch with Lovi and I!" He happily said "we brought tomatoes and I have a few spanish dishes packed! And lovi has some tomatoes and a mix of spanish and Italian dishes! They're healthier then pasta and good for you." He warmly reasoned. The spanish usually ate a large lunch and small dinner, so Antonio had a lot to share. Alfred glances up at Antonio nervously and then let out a sigh but nodded slowly,

"...okay..." Alfred finally agreed, "I'll join you guys for lunch..." he mumbled. Lovino had been intensely staring at Alfred this whole time, which made him even more nervous. He stood up and stomped over, taking his hand and yanking him into the closet on the side of the room. Alfred opened his mouth to protest but Lovino beat him to it,

"Shut up bastard and follow me." He growled which caused Alfred to quickly close his mouth. When they got in, Lovino turned on the lights and shut the door. He took Alfred's arm without asking and ripped up his sleeve before the other could stop him. Lovino made a grim face as Alfred now began squirming and panicking. So he's that far in? Alfreds whole arm was almost completely covered in scars from what he could see. The rest was covered in bandages.

"No-I-please dont-" Alfred stuttered as he began crying. Lovino looked up at him,

"Shut up." He said and gently unwrapped the bandages. He tsked at the bloody mess and frowned, "you shouldn't wrap it like this....you'll get an infection." He told him gently. "You have to clean them up...." lovino looked back and grabbed the first aid and an emergency water bottle. He opened it and gently pour it on the wound before patting them gently. Afterwards he sprayed it with peroxide, causing Alfred to flinch and pull his arm back. Lovino cursed at him but continued cleaning him up before laying down a gauze on his arm and wrapping it properly. "Now give me the other one. And tell me where else you cut so I can fix them up as well." He told him simply as Alfred slowly nodded and gave lovino his other arm.

"My stomach....and my thighs as well..." he whispered numbly, "I'm sorry..." Alfred never had anyone care enough to actually fix up his wounds. He didn't know how to actually do it, but lovino did and it's was nice that someone did something for him, even if it hurt. Lovino sighed and made a sour face. He really was that deep in. After ten minutes of cleaning and bandaging lovino was done and he cleaned up the first aid kit, putting the dirty stuff in a bad to throw away. The others were waiting outside of the closet for them. When lovino stepped out he made a face, confirming what they all thought. So he did hurt himself. Kiku spoke up quickly,

"Would you like to come over and play games after school Alfred?" He asked him. Alfred seemed rather sad in the corner when Kiku asked that.

"Me..?" He asked as Kiku nodded and Alfred looked down at his feet before Kiku again and nodding back "okay...I'll come over..." he softly said. Feli smiled,

"Yay! Ima come too!" He invited himself happily "I'll beat you all in Mario Kart!" He chimed as Kiku chuckled,

"You lost along with lovino last time." He said as lovino gasped,

"Just for that I'm coming over to kick your ass in Mario Kart bastard!" He yelled angrily. The group began bickering playfully and soon enough all of them would be going over to Kiku's house to play. Alfred let out a breath and seemed more relaxed as he watched them quietly. They were such good friends. The bell rang and periods were changing. The club meeting was over and the group migrated over to Alfred, asking for his schedule if he still had it. Luckily, he had almost every class with at least one of them with him. They each wrote down their names next to his class and pointed to it. Alfred nodded as he listened to them. This class was with gilbert, but he also had Francis and Arthur as well. He made a face at it but nodded, trusting Gilbert enough to go along with him. He hoped nothing bad would happen.
An! Sorry about the missed update, I hope this extra long one makes up for it! I have to write three essays and I have about 100 chem problems to do plus notes left! School starts in roughly two weeks so it's completely my fault I have so much work to do but it'll probably be okay lmao. I hope you like this slightly happier chapter! Luv y'all 💕

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