Dream Guy

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(Read this out loud, if possible)

Look at your dream guy.

He's the most precious thing on the planet to you, and he is so sweet. He has these beautiful glistening eyes and a nice face. He loves the fandoms you do, the things you love.

Oh, he's so nice!

He's the handsomest thing on the planet. He loves you so much. His hugs are so tight and loving. He's so passionate towards you.

He's the best miracle you've ever had.

He doesn't ditch you for his guy friends. He won't ever think of abandoning or breaking up with you.

He's the most loyal guy you've met.

Just saying, you would marry him in a heartbeat.

He's just THAT perfect.

And um...
About that...
He's sprawled on the floor.

He's been dead the whole chapter.

Comment how you felt!
I want to know.

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