Vampire Spells

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It has to be either Night or dark. Sit like you are about to meditate, and imagine you are becoming and never turning back. After that take 5 deep breaths. Then say:
Blood red, Pale skin,
moon light, draw me in.
Quench my thirst, coarsing veins,
Let my body feel no pain!

After you are done with that, you will feel dizzy. Then after 5-10 min you will feel VERY energetic.


Write down the spell on a lined piece of paper and wait until 10:30pm-12:00am and then chant the following 10 times:

Blood red, pale skin, moonlight draw me in. Quench my thirst, coursing veins, let my body feel no pain.


Just chant:
Goddess Nyx, Hear my cry.
Make me a child of Night.
A vampyre is what I wish to be.
Grant this wish, Nyx, so mote


say x10:
''I want to become a vampire. Fill me up with Darkness. My new worshiper will be Vampire Mother. I will have Super speed Strength. If I drink animal blood my eyes will be Golden.
If I drink Human Blood My eyes turn to Dark red This is will so mote it Be.


Say this spell 3x:
Vampires of the night , change me into one of you with all your might. Grant me super human speed , strength and senses ,and give me the abilty to change into a bat at will. Give me the ability to heal myself and others, and to levitate and grant me immortality. Give me pale skin and retractable claws and fangs. If I'm in the sunlight I will burn but not die. I will have 2 special gifts which will be ____ and the other will be chosen for me and my eyes will always be ____. Creatures of the night hear my plea. Make me a vampire just like thee in 2 hours. So mote it be.


Go into a fairly-sized room. Open the biggest center window, and shut off all the lights. Close the door, and stand in the middle of the room. If its Full Moon, let it shine you. Stand up straight. Close your eyes and meditate, filling it with blankness. Do this for exactly a minute. KEEP YOUR MIND BLANK. I KNOW IT'S HARD :0). Then, say the incantation clearly 10 times:
Red blood, pale skin, moonlight draw me in. Quench my blood-thirsty veins, let my body feel no pain!"

Then meditate for 10 more seconds, and say quietly, but clearly
It is done.

If you do this during the day, it will have a 15% chance of working, and if it DOES, you'll be more sensitive to pure sunlight than you would have been if you did it at night. You won't burn to death like in movies, you'll just get a terrible sunburn REALLY fast. If you do this spell at night, it'll have a 94% chance of working. If you do it at night with a full moon, 99%.


First off it has to be dark but not too dark and you have to be outside and then you say this chant only one time.
"I make a life commitment to be neither living nor dead. I wish to be a vampire. No longer shall I be a human I shall be a vampire. I shall live in darkness never the sun. The sunlight shall burn me if I am in the sunlight. The sun shall cause pain to me. I shall have very pale skin and pointy fangs. I wish to be a vampire. I shall be able to run up to 40 miles per hour I shall be able to use mind control on people i shall become a vampire. This is who I want to be make me what I want to be make me a vampire. I shall crave blood, I shall thirst like never before for blood, I shall become a blood crazed monster. I shall live for blood. I shall become a vampire. This is who I wsih to be make me what I desire make me a vampire. i shall die and be reborn but not as a human but as a vampire. Now this spell is unbreakable I can't turn back after this point. I shall become a vampire. No longer shall I live the way others do. So make this me. So mote it be!!!!

That's the chant say it only one time while outside and as soon as you do this spell you will become a vampire.

Crimson Night.
Night falls and I awaken.
Light of day I have forsaken.
My Vampire eyes seek far and wide.
There is nowhere safe for you to hide.
My prey calls to me upon each rising.
Their blood I seek , so appetising.
Moonlight bright,I grow stronger.
Makes me wish the night was longer.
Wicked wings through the sky.
Watching as the world flys by.
Hunger claws me inside out.
The need to feed makes my route.
Finding you here, your blood so strong.
Fangs sink deep where I belong.
Sweet and hot my crimson high,.
Your pulse is fading, you slowly die.
Stop me before the demon rises.
Human life is what he despises.
I try to take just what I need.
But the demon trys to take the lead.
So cold and still in my arms.
Your fate is sealed in stone.
You rest in peace at heaven's gate.


First you will need to pour the red drink in the cup. Then you imagie your self as a vampire with one extra power you want. Then you chant this three times:

Red blood, cold skin, vampire mistress turn me in to one of your kind. Long fangs and blood thirst shall be mine. From this moment on a vampire i shall be. This is what i want most in life. So mote it be.


At night between 10pm and 1am go into a dark room(do this outside for better results). Think of the qualities of a vampire and picture you having them(This could be either drinking blood or running faster then a human). Then chant the following 10 times:

Blood red, pale skin.
Moonlight draw me in.
Quench my thirst.
Coursing veins.
Let my body feel no pain.

Side effects:

You will feel weak

Eyes will become watery



Blood cravings.

Small fangs.

Full body pains.


Possible blacking out.

Speed (The more you use it, the faster it'll show).

Strength (The more you use it, the faster it'll show).

Vampiric Beauty (A Beauty Unique to vampires).

Hair Changes (Your hair will either get lighter or darker. Lighter is commoner for blondes, dirty blondes. Darker for brunette and black haired people. Redheads vary. Well, they all do but still. Hair will tend to kinda grow faster).

fangs (They will get sharper not longer)

Feeling Mood Swings (Especially with love. Love is very dangerous and can be possessive of a vampire).

Occasionally, food will taste bland.

Pale Skin.

Side affects:

blood cravings


teeth aches



become nocturnal

enhanced senses

blood tastes sweeter

Teeth aches *Mostly canies*

Diffrent sleeping patterns

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