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Pov - Felix

"Lee Felix your late!" I heard the teacher yell at me as I made it into the classroom. I looked at the clock, late by 16 minutes. I bowed saying sorry and rushing to find an empty seat.

Sadly, the only open seat was in front of Chan. I stood in front of the empty desk scared to sit down.

The boy behind it smirked at me looking me up and down only looking happier as he saw what he did to my face.

"Sit down!" The teacher yelled again making me jump and quickly sit.

Thankfully thanks to the seating arrangment I was close to the back windows. Jisung sat on the right side of me and Seungmin in front. Jisung smiled at me but soon grimaced when he saw my lip.

"What happened?"  He mouthed at me while pointing at his lip.

"Lunch" I mouthed back and he nodded.


The class wasn't so bad, I mean just the usual, teachers being boring and won't shut up about stuff we won't use. Yes, I'm talking about my math teacher, Mr. Kim.

Other than the occasional kicks to the back of my chair and sly comments from Chan, it was really good overall.

I'm just glad Seungmin's in this class with me since he's really smart and Jisung and I need lots of "help", more like copying answers but you know, Tomato - Toronto, same difference.

Once the teacher excused us I rushed to my next classes, waiting for lunch to finally arrive.

As my Dance teacher, Mr. Lee dismissed us from class I rushed to the cafeteria trying to find Jisung and Seungmin. Finally I spotted them outside in the grass doing who knows what. I rushed out quickly so a certain someone didn't see.

"Hey, Lix!" Jisung yelled happily towards me as I sat down in the circle that they made. Jeongin was there also laying his head down in Seungmin's lap and I couldn't help but coo at it.

Jeongin was a year younger than us three so we don't get to see him often, I'm just glad we have the same lunch period as him.

"Sooo.." Jisung started saying while picking at the dead flowers scattering the field, "what happened to your lip?"

I looked at him and nodded. Before I could explain Jeongin quickly shot his body off of Seungmin and moved towards me. His finger slid against my lip and he touched the cut making me suck in a breath.

Seungmin grabbed Jeongin by the waist and pulled him back. "Don't do that" he scolded making Jeongin say sorry in a tiny voice.

"It's fine, but I got the cut from biting my lip to much" I lied, I can't just tell the the truth. Minho's best friends with Chan and if Jisung finds out that it was Chan who did it.... all hell would break lose. I'd rather not have Minho have to go through that pain of having to deal with a mad squirrel.

Trust me it's a lot of work.

"I was stressed last night for the first day and I might have bit it too hard. And also this morning I got really nervous and hid in the bathroom... that's why I was also late to class"

Jisung nodded slowly.

Jeongin looked sad and Seungmin looked like he was trying hard not to laugh.

"Felix you shouldn't be nervous about coming to school. It's not like anyone's hurting you!" He giggled a bit.

An awkward chuckle left my mouth "Yeah, it's not like anyones hurting me"


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