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"Ho-" I start to say, but am cut off by Jack talking over me.

"Hold on, man. I'm taking a piss." He says then turns to me. "Get under the sink."


"Get under the sink." He whispers again.

So I do. I take the cleaning products, and shampoos, and shit, and sit them on top of me, then Jack shuts the cabinet doors. He then turns to open the door, but before he can grab the handle I stop him.

"Flush the toilet!" I whisper loudly.

I'm hoping the music playing out there drowns out any quiet sounds. Jack flushes the toilet, then walks out.



I've been in here, under the sink for about five fucking minutes. Apparently there was a fucking line for to bathroom. As soon as the last person leaves I jump up, and run out the door. I'm not getting stuck in that bitch again. When I walk into the room I spot Jack standing next to the table that all the liquor is on, and I walk up beside him.

"Hey, where have you been?!" He asks sarcastically, so I give him a dirty look, and he just laughs.

"You got a nice smile." I say to him, and he kind of tenses up. I guess that made him uncomfortable. That's weird.


"You wanna shot?" He asks me.



"Surprise me. Just no gin." I laugh.

As I'm waiting for Jack to pour me a shot some one comes up behind me, and picks me up.

"What the fuck?!" I yell as they put me down.

When I turn around I see someone I never thought I'd see in my house again.

"Nate! Holy shit!" I yell, and throw my arms around him.

He lifts me up and rocks me back, and forth while I'm in the air, in his arms. "Hey girl." He chuckles.

"Awe man! How are you?" I ask after he puts me down.

"I'm good. How have you been?"

"I've been." I shrug.

I just stand there, and take in his appearance. I don't think I ever stopped to appreciate how fucking good looking he is. I mean I've always known he was attractive, but I've never looked at him like I am now. I liked Nate so much, and still do, it's just the way Josh is about it.. It sucks. Me, and Nate never did anything except for kiss. He was my first kiss actually, but we tried to keep it together because we didn't want our emotions to get out of control. We knew that shit wouldn't work out. Nate was, and maybe still is one of Josh's best friends, and he didn't want to do that to him. I wish he would though. I respect that Nate respects Josh so much, but I really feel like we could have had something.

Wow I need to get off the subject because we'll never be anything, and I just need to accept that.

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