Chapter 3

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The next day, the entire town was talking about how the Night Trickster escaped Link. Everyone who passed by Buddar's little begging spot was saying something about it.

"Did you hear? The Night Trickster outsmarted Link!" One man said to his comrade as he passed by.

"I heard he did it by smashing him in the face with melons!" Another person said as they walked past.

"I would've loved to see Link with melon juice all over his face." A young boy said to his friends.

Buddar chuckled at what the boy said. "I wonder how long it took him to wash it out of his hair?" Lyra snickered from behind the wall.

"His hair is probably still pink!" Buddar said, making Lyra giggle.

She heard the sound of boots walking up the cobblestone street, she glanced to her left. Speak of the devil, She thought. There he is!

Unfortunately for Buddar, his hair was no longer pink with melon juice. It was blonde. His ocean blue eyes met hers as he passed by, he smiled warmly at her, and she smiled back. Then he walked off to attend to some business. Probably to go find a way to outsmart me. She thought. Well, look out, Link. This trickster isn't going down without a fight.

"So, what's the plan for tonight?" Lyra asked.

"Same as last night." Buddar replied. "Kick his butt and grab some loot, but this time, we'll be having a bit more fun."

"You sneaky devil." Lyra said, understanding what she was up to.


"That's the last one!" Buddar panted as she held up the heavy cart. "Quick, put the stick under!"

Lyra quickly slipped the Deku stick under the cart to keep it from tipping over. Buddar let go of the cart, the flimsy rod Lyra had placed under it held it up. Buddar took a few steps back to admire her work, she was in the center of the town, and in each alleyway was a cart filled with produce. Each cart was held up by a Deku stick that would break when hit with a seed from her slingshot, which she had ever since she was a child. She quickly ran over to the shop and jumped onto the roof, then waited with Lyra fluttering around her head excitedly. She soon heard the sound of footsteps coming towards the town square from the left alleyway. She lay down on her stomach, slingshot at the ready. She grinned as she saw Link slip around the cart in that alleyway, unaware that it was part of her little trap. He glanced around, searching for any sight of the Night Trickster.

Buddar grinned. "Hey, Link!" She shouted, bringing her voice down so that she sounded more masculine. "Heads up!" She quickly shot each Deku stick, causing the carts to topple their contents. The melons, apples, and pots of honey went flying towards Link. He tried to dodge them, but was instantly covered in fruit juice and honey as the produce collided with him. Buddar burst out laughing, he looked so hilarious. She was so busy laughing that she didn't see Link fling an apple at her, until Lyra shoved her out of the way and was hit. Buddar gasped in horror as Lyra's crumpled form fell to the ground.

"Lyra!" She cried out, jumping down from the roof. "Are you alright?" She cradled the injured fairy in her hands.

"Yeah," The tiny fairy said, fluttering her wings. "Just a bit stunned."

Buddar sighed in relief as Lyra slipped into her cap, completely fine. She heard footsteps behind her, she quickly jumped up and raced down the street, not wanting to be caught. She glanced over her shoulder, Link was standing in the middle of the alleyway, watching her go. Wait, he isn't going to chase me? She wondered, slowing to a walk.

Link watched her for a few moments longer, then walked off. She could hear his fairy squeaking "Hey! You're letting him get away! Hey! Listen!".

Buddar smirked. "They still think I'm a guy," She snickered. "That'll keep them off my tail."

"But you don't have a tail." Lyra giggled from under her hat.

Buddar chuckled and walked towards her little begging corner. She opened up the wall and Lyra fluttered into the small area. They hadn't gotten anything today, so they had to eat the two apples and small jars of honey that they had stored away. "Tomorrow, we'll need to be even more careful." Lyra said, perching on the rim of the honey jar. "I don't want to be smashed by any more flying red boulders."

Buddar laughed. "That was an apple, silly." She said.

"Same thing." Lyra replied.

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