38: II - They Are getting Married!!

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Author's POV:

While rubbing the towel on his head, he stepped out from the washroom wearing a simple white shirt with black pair of jeans. He walked quietly towards the heart of the room when his eyes caught the sight of Aayat quickly wrapping her head with Hijab as she had sensed he was back in the room. He could still see the strands of her brownish black locks peeking through the loose hijab from the mirror reflection. Smirking lightly, he then averted his gaze.

She saw him slowly coming towards the dressing table where she was standing from the mirror but ignored him nonetheless and continued to wear her rings that she had removed at night time. She saw him quietly taking his wrist watch and mobile from the table and then stepping back.

He then said ,
"I am going downstairs."

Aayat looked towards him and said,
"Okay. I will be down in a minute. "

He nodded and then opened the door but she saw him stop and turned towards her. Upon getting caught staring she quickly looked down.

She guessed he must be smirking, because well, he doesn't leave a chance to do so but it was what he said next that totally made her eyes shoot in his direction,

"You know that I have already seen you without Hijab right? It doesn't matter if you wear it now."

Before she could have replied back to his wittiness he exited the room, leaving her in furry, blood already rushed to her pale cheeks.


"Mahir, beta you aren't eating anything!" Aminah said to her son in law sitting beside Umair.

"No, Aunty I already had enough. These pancakes were delicious. I ate in fact too much." Mahir said smiling genuinely at her. Meanwhile Aayat was sitting on his opposite side and besides her was Aiza.

"Then take more. Umair, give some more pancakes in Mahir's plate." Aminah said to Umair but Umair was just lost into his own thoughts as he played with fork. Last day has completely changed his life, even though everyone didn't notice it Aayat could sense how much Umair had been affected due to yesterday.

"Umair.. " Aiza called to him , earning his attention as he looked at her.

"Ammi is calling you." Aiza said slowly , small smile on her lips.

"Sorry I was just.. what happened Ammi?" He said.

"Aminah was saying you to serve more pancakes to Mahir. Where are you lost son?" Saeed asked this time.

"Nothing it's just something about work." Umair said putting on a smile.

He then looked towards Mahir and then said jokingly

"Why aren't you eating anything Dr. Mahir?"

"I have had enough--" before Mahir could finish Umair filled his plate with more pancakes. Mahir's and Umair's jokes continued while Aayat just smiled at them but inside her mind, she was feeling really worried for her brother. After a moment her eyes met with Umair's and she arched her eyebrows at him with concern but hiding his feeling as a failed attempt he just smiled and shook his head at her.


Zoya was playing in her room as Umair was looking after her. While the ladies were busy in kitchen and the gents were probably in living room, Umair had quietly escaped from the crowd and was about to go back to his room, Zoya had stopped him and called him to play with her. As usual, he couldn't refuse to her daughter.

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