Chapter 5

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I had been gone for about 30 minutes, but when I entered my home I found it empty, so I called my mom on her cell phone.

"Romeo?" my mom answered.

"Mom! Where are you? Where is Katrina?" I asked in a rush. I hope she was with her.

"Calm down, she's right here. We decided to go shopping." She explained.

"Mom, I remember her now!" I said excited. I wanted to see her. I needed to see her. Breathe her in, I just hope she doesn't hate me. Maybe I should take it slow with her. Be her friend and then make it into something more.

"Oh honey! That's great I knew you'd come around. Do you want to speak with her?"

"No! I mean, I want to talk to her face to face. I'll see you later mom." I hung up the phone and slumped against the couch. I needed some company so I called one of my best friends, Destiny. I needed her to braid my hair anyways. I called her and she said she'd be over in a minute. Destiny didn't know about me being a werewolf, but I have known her since the 7th grade and we have been friends ever since. I thought about Katrina, It seems so weird all these years later and she looks even better than when she was a kid. I remember when I was little I kept telling myself I was going to marry her, but she left and I haven't seen her in so long. My heart ached for her; I needed her to be close to me. I wanted her to feel the same way I felt about her and if she didn't. Ugh. I don't even wanna think about it.

There was a knock at the door interrupting my thoughts. I got up to let Destiny in.

"Romi!" she exclaimed, hugging me. I hugged her back.

"What's up?"

"Oh nothing, the usual, High on HAPPY CRACK!!!!!" I burst into laughter.

"Destiny! You know you don't need none of that stuff!! You gonna be up for days!!!" I said laughing. She just stuck her tongue out at me and runs into the kitchen. I walked in after her, laughing. She was already raiding my fridge, which didn't surprise me. I loved her company she always makes me laugh even when feeling like a piece of crap. She grabbed a soda and a can of cheese and crackers.

"So what's up, homi Romi, haha." She asked, I rolled my eyes.

"Nothing, just moping." I said sadly, she turned around quickly and raised an eyebrow.

"Ok for you, nothing means something so you're gonna tell me what this nothing is bucko!" she said poking her finger at my chest.

"Oh it's just this girl." I said being purposefully general. Her eyes widen and she stopped her chewing.

"What girl? Who is she? What she look like?" she interrogated.

"Well, she about your height, her hair is long and brown; she looks like she weighs around 100 pounds." I said rubbing my chin, smirking at Destiny expression because I basically described her, but there are many girls who fall under that category.

"W-what's her name?" she asked, cautiously.

"Her name is...." I trailed off looking at Destiny, straight in her eyes.

"Romeo...?" she said. She tensed.

"Katrina." I said bluntly.

"Oh." Her shoulders sagged. My eyebrows went together in confusion.

"What's wrong?" I asked. She shook her head.

"Nothing, oh man! Your hair is a mess." She grabbed my hand and dragged me upstairs.

We were almost to my room when she stopped. Right in front of Katrina's room. She peered inside and looked back at me.

"Wow Romeo, you did some redecorating huh." She said amused. "Decided to change up the theme?" She smirked at me.

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