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I get up the next morning, extremely tired. I yawn and strectch my arms out.

"Get up!" Louis exclaims. I groan. He frowns and I hear water sloshing around. My eyes open wide and I sit up straight in a flash. I glare at a laughing Louis, holding a vase of water and ice. Thank God I woke up, I praise silently.

We all get ready and Paul drives us to the tour bus. Funny, right? Driving to a bus? Never mind. I'm tired, so my jokes are really bad.

We wave to some fans and board the bus where there are three people already waiting for us.

"Who are they?" I ask, turning to Liam. Liam smiles and introduces two of them from management and one of them steps forward to introduce herself.

"I'll be your teacher /tutor," she says. "Call me Linda."

She looks young and she's pretty. Her bright red hair is tied back in a messy ponytail and her blue eyes twinkle with warmth. She reaches out her hand and I shake it, smiling.

"Nice to meet you! What will you be teaching me?" I ask. She shrugs and smiles at me.

"Whatever you want me to teach you! Of course," she replies, "there are some things that you have to learn like math, science, history, and English, but we can do that at your own pace." I smile.

"When do I start?" I inquire, crossing my arms.


 I smile. "Tomorrow then," I tell her.

"Come on!" Niall exclaims, grabbing my hand. "I'll give ya the grand tourbus tour!"

I laugh and go through the bus with him. He shows me the two bathrooms, the kitchen (we stayed there a bit longer), their bedrooms, my bedroom, the living room, and the sky deck.

"The sky deck?" I question. He smiles. Darn, he looks like a happy little kid! It's adorable.

He drags me up the stairs and throws open a roof-door to reveal the top of the bus as a room with lots of glass windows. I gasp. It's beautiful!

"Oh my God!" I exclaim. I quickly turn to Niall. "How much did this cost?!"

He shrugs. "I don't know. Finance takes care of that for us," he says, referring to the branch of management. "As far as you, me, and the boys are cnoncerned, just enjoy it."

I smile. Oh, I will!

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