Chapter 2

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Buddar stared up at the starry night sky, her fiery hair danced like the flames of a bonfire in the cool summer breeze. Lyra fluttered around her head lazily. They had already feasted on their bread, and a couple of apples they had stored away in their secret hole in the wall. "I'm so full," Lyra said. "I won't have to eat for the next week!"

Buddar laughed slightly. "You won't be saying that tomorrow morning." She said, smirking deviously. "Speaking of which, we should probably go grab our next prize."

Lyra fluttered in front of Buddar's face. "I know that smile," She said. "Don't tell me you're thinking about messing with that 'Link' guy, are you?"

Buddar's smirk grew into a grin. "You little devil." Lyra said, a hint of pride in her voice as she slipped into Buddar's yellow cap.

Buddar stood up. "What kind of thief would I be if I didn't laugh in the face of danger?" She asked, jumping from roof to roof.

"You don't laugh in his face," Lyra said. "You punch him right in the nose!"

"Exactly." Buddar said as she reached the rooftop of the local shop. She glanced around, then caught sight of a boy wearing a green tunic and cap. "Target spotted." She murmured, she grinned when she saw a white orb of sparkling light with wings fluttering by his shoulder. "Oh, look!" Buddar said. "He's even got a fairy! That'll be fun for you, won't it, Lyra?"

"You bet!" Lyra chirped from underneath Buddar's cap. "Let's go!"

Buddar jumped down into the alleyway, then ran into the opposite alley. Link spun around at the sound of her boots clicking against the stone road. He glanced around, then drew his sword from the scabbard on his back. Sorry, Link. Buddar thought. But I don't think that'll help you very much.

Link slowly began to sneak towards the alley that Buddar had just dashed out of, he peeked in, but saw nobody. He then ran over to the alley that Buddar was crouched in. Lyra darted out of Buddar's cap and started fluttering about in Link's face, distracting him and allowing Buddar to scale the wall of the house next to her. She began leaping from roof to roof, Lyra quickly zipped after her, giggling like crazy. Buddar glanced over her shoulder and down at the street, Link was racing after them, down on the street. Buddar looked ahead, she quickly spotted a wagon filled with watermelons. "Lyra! Wagon, melons, Link! Make it happen!" She shouted. Her small fairy zipped ahead of her and knocked away the sticks holding the cart up where the horse would usually be pulling it, causing it to tip over and let its contents go flying down the street. Link accidentally tripped over the melons, causing him to fall flat on his face. Lyra quickly flew to Buddar's side, they leapt into an alleyway and hid behind a pile of crates filled with jars of honey.

"Jackpot!" Buddar said, grabbing the largest pot she could find. She heard footsteps quickly running up the street. She quickly ducked behind the crates, Lyra retreated into her cap. Buddar saw Link run past, his face covered in red melon juice. Buddar snickered and stood up as Link's footsteps faded away. She jumped onto the rooftop, then quickly parkoured back to where she hid all of her goods.

"The Night Trickster strikes again!" Lyra squeaked as Buddar pulled away the loose piece of wall and safely hid their newest prize.

"Wait until the soldiers find out that even Link is no match for me." She said. "They'll all freak out!"

Lyra landed on Buddar's shoulder. "Yeah, I wish I could see their faces!" She said. "But you should be more careful, Buddar. He almost got us."

Buddar replaced the piece of wall. "True," She said. "Without you, I would be in jail by now. Your quick thinking saved my hide." She turned and smiled at her fairy. "I'm lucky that I have such a smart fairy as my partner in crime." She said.

Lyra's light blue glow turned pink. "Aw, stop it!" She said. "You're just saying that to make me feel good."

Buddar chuckled. "You know I don't joke around." She said. "Especially when it comes to friendship, you're my only friend, Lyra."

Lyra fluttered around Buddar's head. "Yeah," She said. "I don't know why the other Hylians can't accept the fact that you're more beautiful than them and deal with it!"

Buddar's smile faded. "I'm not beautiful, Lyra." She said. "I'm just... different. That's why they hate me."

She glanced up at her fairy. "But if you really think I'm beautiful," She said, a slight smile on her lips. "I'll believe you."

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