Niall horan Break up imagine.

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You and Niall have been together for almost 7 months and everything is going good!......... 

Except for tonight. You and him are having a huge fight over nothing. “SHUT UP NIALL, I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO YOU” You yelled. “GOOD I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO YOU, EITHER AND SERIOUSLY I COULD CARE LESS IF YOU LEFT ME” Niall screamed back. You started crying. You ran upstairs and grabbed clothes and shoved them in your suitcase, and you left. Niall was just sitting on the couch, on his phone, not even realizing your leaving. You took that as he didn’t care anymore. You drove over to Liam's. You knocked on the door. Now, since it was so cold outside, the tears streaming down your face were stinging because they were warm. Liam opened the door. “Oh my gosh, Bree!” “What’s wrong” He said. “Niall and me broke up” You told him. “Here, come inside”He said grabbing your hand. You walked inside, and his house was absolutely beautiful! “Why did you and Niall break up” Liam asked out of the blue. You took off,  your heels and jacket, and you told him to sit down.”well, went out for dinner and the waitress kept giving Niall hot looks, and he did it back, and I told him to stop, and then he gave her his number” You said looking at Liam. “Oh my, Niall can be such an ass” Liam said. “It’s okay” You said. “Where’s your bathroom”? “down the hall to the left” Liam said. You got up and went to the bathroom. You locked the door so he wouldn’t be able to get in. You sat next to the toilet and cried. You tried not to be loud, and covered you mouth with your hands. “Bree, are you okay?” You heard form outside the door. “Yeah, i’m fine!” Your voice cracked. “Bree, let me in” Liam said strictly. “no” you said. You heard Liam’s footsteps walk away. You were glad he left. A few seconds later, you heard his footsteps come back. The door knob jiggled, and the door flew open. IN comes Liam. “Bree, i’m here” Liam said. He picked up and brought you downstairs on to the couch. He sat you down, on top of his lap and you guys talked for hours. You developed a crush on Liam, but you knew you couldn’t. You didn’t want to be alone. “I don’t want to be alone tonight” you said. “Why don’t you come sleep with me?” Liam said. “Nah, I don’t want to invade your personal space”. “you’re definitely not!” He said. He took your hand and you both climbed in bed. Liam turned to one side, and you turned to the other. You kinda wanted Liam, to put his arm around you but that wouldn’t be right. You both fell asleep.


You woke up to the smell of pancakes, and bacon. You got out of the bed, and made your way downstairs. “Good morning, sleepy head” Liam smiled. “Hi” you replied flopping on the couch. “Still tired?” He said laughing. “mmm” You replied. Liam came over with 3 stripes of bacon. “here, this will wake you up” he said, giving them to you. You opened your eyes and there was sexy Liam with bacon. You grabbed the bacon slowly out of his hand. “thanks” you flashed a smile. You went out to your car and grabbed your skinny jeans, a loose top, and you wore your black heels. You left your hair it’s natural way. “You look good” Liam said. “thanks” you said blushing. You thought about Niall, and you missed him so much, but you liked Liam a lot. You haven’t checked your phone since last night, so it was probably blew up with messages and missed calls. Surprisingly it wasn’t. No calls from Niall, or anything. You and Liam, were going over to the studio and you were going to help him pick out a outfit, for the shoot. You knew Niall was going to be there, and the news probably spread that you guys broke up. You arrived at the studio, and you walked next to Liam. You saw Harry and Zayn talking. They stopped talking and smiled at you. You didn’t want to be rude so you smiled back. You kept walking and Niall and Louis were talking. Louis waved at you, and Niall didn’t do anything. He just stared at you and Liam, like you committed a crime, and he was the only one that knew about it. His eyes, didn’t seem like he cried at all. You walked by him, and the smell of his cologne was amazing. You just kept walking. You could obviously tell, all the boys turned around to watch you and Liam walk away. You got to Liam’s dressing room and you picked out his suit, for a christmas photo shoot. You walked Liam to the set. Niall’s hair was so adorable and his suit made him look hot. All of them were hot. You waved goodbye to Liam, he waved back. You glanced over at Niall and he was already looking at you. You gave him elevator eyes, and you walked away. You wanted to go right up to him and hug him and be in his arms, but you knew you couldn’t. He didn’t seem like he missed you at all. He was laughing and having a good time. You thought, that he did move on, and it’s time for you to do the same thing. You waited for Liam to be done. He came out. “Hey there” He said. “Hey, how was it?” you asked. “it was good, had a lot of fun” He said. He got dressed in his regular clothes, and you two left. While walking down the hall, Niall was sitting on a bench with Zayn. You kept your head straight on and you walked by sexy like, just to piss him off. You did that. You could tell and feel, him looking at you. So wasn’t Zayn. “You let that go” Zayn said. “Yeah, big mistake” Niall said. You overheard them. You kept walking. “Niall really misses you” Liam said. “I don’t care” You said, without emotions. “Bree, i’m being serious” Go talk to him” ”I’ll be in the car” Liam said. You walked back inside. You walked up to Niall. “we need to talk” You said. “Why, there’s nothing to talk about” Niall said. “obviously there is, Niall”.  “I don’t have anything to say” Niall said. “Good, next time you want to talk, don’t expect me to listen to your bullshit” You walked away. You walked to the car and got in on the passenger side. “how did it go” Liam asked, while starting the car. “horrible” you said. You told him what happened. “Okay then” Liam said. You and Liam drove back to his place. “You’re welcome to stay another night, Bree” Liam offered. “Okay!” You said excitedly. You walked in. You and Liam both sat down on the couch, telling each other about bad and good times in your lives. Liam told you about his bullying story, which made you cry. “aw love don’t cry for me!” Liam said, wiping the tears off your face. “Can, I beat up the people who bullied you?” You said laughing. “Sure” Liam said. Time went by quickly and it was already 11:25 pm. Liam was asleep. You stood up and went to go get water. You heard a knock at the door. Liam was still sleeping so you answered it. “Harry? what are you doing here?” “ I can ask you the same question “ He said. “Liam asked if I wanted to stay the night, so I did” “he’s asleep though” you said. “oh” Harry said. “Why, what’s wrong’’. You closed the door behind you, so now your on the front porch. “It’s Niall”. “he’s completely devastated” “he needs you” Harry said. “That’s bullshit, and we both know it”. You said. You told him what happened today, with you and Niall and the argument. “Oh, can I stay the night?” Harry asked. “I don’t see what not” You said. You and Harry went inside, and Liam was still on the couch, he laid out. “So, how- “ You covered Harry’s mouth with your hand. “Be quiet” You said. You got really close to his, face. Closer then you expected. You were close enough to have kissed him, but you didn’t. You and Harry went into the kitchen, and talked. You ate, and drank. By that time it was around 2:30 am.” Alright i’m going to bed. “Liam got up and went to bed already. “i’m coming” Harry said, behind you. You and Harry climbed into bed, and You were in the middle, so obviously one of the boys was going to cuddle with you. Liam put his arm around you, and pulled you really close. You put your arm around Harry and brought him really close just to be funny. You heard Liam laugh a bit. You turned around and Liam’s big chocolate eyes were just drowning. You stared for a second and flashed your eyes, down at his lips then back up. Liam leaned in and lightly pecked your lips. You rolled back over, knowing it was wrong, but it felt so right.