Chapter 11:

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@AugustAlsina, "One of the reasons I grind so hard everyday and wake up every moaningg! Look at my Princess today though! All that hair, Looking like mama"

"Daddy?" Autumn said

"Yeah baby?" I said picking her up and kissing her cheek

"Can we go see granny?"

"Yeah, Let me go tell your momma and see if she wanna go"

"Ok daddy"


"Hi mama"

"Hey baby" Maya said pecking her lips

"Babe, we're going to mama's you wanna go?"

"Nah, I'm good baby"

"Okay, See you when we get back than" I said kissing her forehead

"Ok baby "

"See you later momma"


"GRANNY!!" Autumn said running and hugging my mama

"Hey Baby!!! Can't believe you actually did it Aug!"

"Did whet mama?"

"Settled down, And gave me another beautiful grandbaby!"

"Thank you" Autumn said

"Maya will change you, I'm telling you. I love that woman more than life itself."

"I love her too" mama said smiling

*Grand Piano plays on radio*

"You got the album?" I asked mama

"Yep, Kay Kay been singing to I Lied all day"

"The chorus right?"

Momma laughed and nodded, I went upstairs and Kay Kay was listening to I Lied and singing it while Chay & Mya recorded, I smiled

"Uncle AUG!" They screamed as soon as the song went off and the recording was stopped

I smiled and hugged them, "Hey Yungins



I was in the room chilling when there was a knock at the doorbell, I opened it to see Trey,


" I miss you, Maya"

"Trey you're drunk. Come lay down "

"No Maya. I want you." he said grabbing my arm

"Trey, stop. You need to sleep off thst high"

"Come on, Maya"

I was pushing Trey off me what seemed like hours

"TREY STOP!" I screamed cause he was on top of me and holding my arms down and was trying to kiss me


""I DONT CARE!" He yelled back in my face

"TREY, please you're hurting me."


To be continued ....

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