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@AugustAlsina, "Look whose still sleeping! I tried waking her up but she just groans and rolls back over!! Lol my sleeping beauty!! Thank you baby for giving me the most beautiful thing in the world @MayaAmour_"

Now that I got a youngin, I been grinding even harder, barely getting any sleep just to make sure that she gets everything she need, I just got released from the hospital couple months ago, I fell off stage and slipped into a coma, It was all from Exhaustion, No Sleep. Maya been trying to get me to slow down but, I can't. I got a youngin and a wife to take care of even though Maya pretty much take care her and the girls. April is now 9' still beautiful as ever!

"Autumn, wake up baby girl!"

"Da Dah?"

"Yeah baby girl, wake up!" I said smiling

She opened her eyes and I picked her up and she kissed my cheek and I took her to the bathroom

"Use the bathroom and come get me when you want me to help you with your teeth"

"Okay dad dah" she said

I smiled and walked into the room with Maya who was doing her hair

"What you doing baby?"

"Gotta movie to film"

"A movie?" I asked her

"Yeah you know my new album the pink print!?"


"Well... I'm shooting a Pink Print movie with the four main songs, All Things Go, The Crying Game, I Lied and Grand Piano"

"Sounds good babe, Proud of you."


"Momma! Autumn, wants you." April said

"Come here, knucklehead"

April smiled and came over and hugged me, Maya went to see what's up with Autumn

"How you been Pumkinpie?" I said kissing April cheek

"I been good, how you been?" She asked smiling

"Good, Where you going?"

"Mama said I can go with her and watch her film the movie"

"Oh, Have fun!" I said


*Maya comes back in laughing*

"Aug, go and bath your daughter."

"You know ion feel comfortable doing that shit"

"Aug, she's your daughter. We all knowYou ain't gone hurt her, Just wash her back and stuff, She got everything else. She's in the tub now"

"Okay" I said putting April down and going into Autumn's room

I went into her bathroom and sat on the tub

"Can daddy get a kiss, yungin?"

She smiled and pecked my lips, "I love you"

"Love you too, Dad Dah"

I smiled, "Clean yourself up while I go and get your clothes."

"Okay daddy"


"Ahhh" she screamed

I laughed and continued chasing her around the room, I hid and than she stopped running

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