Chapter 1

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Soldiers surrounded the broken cart, the apples that littered the street shined in the late morning sunlight. "This is the fifth time this week." One of them growled. "This thief is getting better and better, I can't believe we haven't caught him yet."

More like 'her'. Buddar thought, watching them with a slightly amused smirk on her lips. She was sitting on the ground, her back pressed up against the wall of the local shop. She might've been a trickster of a thief by night, but by day, she was just an innocent beggar, hoping that someone, anyone, would be kind enough to spare a couple of rupees. It was the perfect disguise. She never earned any rupees, but that didn't matter very much.

She strained her pointed ears to hear what the soldiers were saying. "Perhaps we should place a bounty over this thief's head?" One soldier suggested.

Another soldier shook his head. "That wouldn't work," He said. "Nobody even knows what he looks like!"

"From what I hear, he works with a fairy and wears a yellow suit." A third soldier spoke up. All three of their heads turned towards Buddar, they were instantly on top of her. One of them whipped off her cap, revealing her shining red hair. They searched it for stolen goods, but found nothing. Buddar mentally smirked, she was smart enough to hide her bounty. She actually hid her goods behind a loose piece of the wall in the shop that she was leaning against at that moment, and she always had Lyra hide there with the stolen goods, in case she ever got into a situation such as this.

"Check her for a fairy!" The first soldier said. They proceeded to check all of her pockets, and even the inside of her golden boots.

"What is going on here?!" A feminine voice asked, making the soldiers stop. They turned around to find a beautiful blonde woman standing behind them, her arms crossed. Standing beside her was a boy who wore a suit quite similar to Buddar's, except that his tunic and cap were green, his pants were white, and his boots were brown.

"P-Princess Zelda!" The second soldier stuttered. "What a surprise! W-We were just making sure this beggar wasn't the thief!"

Zelda glanced at Buddar, who quickly bowed down. Zelda turned to the soldiers, an agitated look on her face. "What evidence do you have that this child is the thief?" She asked.

The soldiers glanced at Buddar, who was now standing. "She wears a yellow tunic," The third soldier said. "The thief wears a yellow outfit and works with a fairy, so we were checking for a fairy and stolen goods."

Zelda sighed and shook her head in disappointment. "Leave the poor girl alone," She said, walking towards the cart. "We need to focus on capturing the thief, not searching innocent beggars."

The soldier holding Buddar's cap threw it back at her, she caught it and put it back on. The blonde boy wearing the green tunic glanced at Buddar, his ocean blue eyes met her deep brown ones. He reached into his pocket and dropped a handful of shimmering green rupees into the rusty cup at her feet. Her eyes widened at that, she looked up at him and smiled. "Thank you." She said.

He smiled warmly at her, then walked over to where Zelda and the soldiers were. Buddar kneeled down and counted the rupees: fifteen. "Hey! Buddar!" She heard Lyra's muffled squeaks from behind the wall. "How many rupees did he give us?"

"Enough to buy a fresh loaf of bread from the bakery." Buddar said quietly, so nobody else would hear.

"Yes!" Lyra said excitedly. "We haven't had bread in a long time. Five months, actually!"

Buddar smirked. "Yeah," She said as she slipped the rupees into a small pouch on her belt. "We haven't been able to get our hands on any since the baker stopped putting his bread outside to cool."

Buddar leaned against the wall, she could feel the vibrations of Lyra's tiny wings as she fluttered around inside the small hollow piece of the wall where they kept their goods. She listened as the soldiers talked about her tricky ways of getting food, the boy wearing the green tunic kept glancing at her with a curious look in his ocean blue eyes. "I heard some of the townsfolk calling him the 'Night Trickster', since he only comes out at night." One soldier said, making the blonde boy turn his attention back to the situation. "Apparently, he gives signs of when he's first going to strike by allowing you to catch fleeting glimpses of him, and that usually makes any witnesses nervous."

"And then he has his fairy scare away the witnesses with carts and barrels," The second soldier said. "Most of which are filled with whatever he's going to steal."

Zelda nodded. "This person sounds like quite an experienced thief." She said, then she turned to the boy in the green tunic. "Link, do you think you'll be able to catch this 'Night Trickster'?"

The boy, who was apparantly named Link, nodded. Buddar sighed in annoyance. Great, She thought. Now I have another problem on my hands. Just great.

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