Chapter 9 ; Welcome Baby Autumn

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Played by: Tsanna G

(A/N just gone show Maya giving birth than jumping to 3 years later)


I was upstairs doing my hair when I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and water run down my leg, I yelled for August


"Momma what's wrong?" She asked

"Mama bouta have the baby, Go get August" I said as calm as possible

I was breathing in and out trying to contain myself, she ran downstairs and August came upstairs, he picked me up and carried me out to the Range Rover and we went to the hospital,

>>6 pm

I finally gave birth to her and she was so beautiful, She had my dimples and everything. Had straight hair too, Guess that's us mix girls problem lol

"OMG, mom she looks so beautiful!!!"

"Doesn't she."

"She looks just like you and August."
Vanessa said

"Please, she look like ha daddy" August said kissing her cheek

*Trey comes in*

"Hey Trey"


"Hey, Maya! Hey y'all! Damn, she looks just like you Maya, Got the dimples and everything. What's her name?"

"Autumn" she said smiling while grabbing her from August

She was a gorgeous baby, kinda looked the same way April did when she was first born.
"I'm gone, but congratulations on the baby" I said kissing Maya's forehead


"You welcome"

I walked out her hospital room and went down to the waiting room and Vanessa was talking to some girl

"POPS!DADDY!" TJ and April said

"Hey y'all" I said hugging them both and picking up April

"What's up, Vee? how you doing?"

"Nothing, Trey and I'm doing fine. This my little sister, Simonè"

"Whats up? Nice meet you."

"Nice meet you too " she said smiling and shaking my hand

"April, you wanna spend the night with daddy?"

"Yeah daddy"

"Go ask your mom."


*April goes in room*

"TJ got school tomorrow?"


"TJ, you wanna go with me? "


"Can he go?"

Vanessa nodded, April came running back out, "Mama said yeah"

"Okay did you give her a hug and a kiss?"


"Alright let's go"

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