leah's imprinting

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HeY gUyS sOrRy I'm So LaTe .. BuT HeRe'S cHaPtEr 5 So HoPe YoU gUyS eNjOy **!!!


Leah's PROV

I woke up the next morning feeling unreal. At first I thought yesterday was like a dream a very,very good dream but turns out it wasn't. I went over to the Cullen's because I'm no longer in Sam's pack, and I was quite happy about that. I was now in Jacob's pack with my little brother Seth, playing guard dogs for the leeches. Look I don't hate them but I also don't like them, they stink and I really don't like Bella, Bella just hurts Jacob and I don't like that but I was in a good mood so I went in the Cullen's house. Gosh but it reek's. I saw Jake laying next to Bella probably keeping her warm. Jake looked at me with a surprise look.

"Oh hey Leah" I shook my head and laughed, okay I was freaking myself out here and apparently I was freaking everyone out.

"Hey jake just wanna tell you that Seth crashed and I'm gonna run patrol you got my back?" He looked down at Bella and then to Edward

"Hey but if you don't want to than its okay, just wanted to let you know" I said with a shrug. He looked at me

"Nah I've got your back," he stood up and said to Edward while walking up to me.

"Put some blankets on her" I just shook my head and smiled and heard Edward chuckle, "hey stinky what you laughing at", that just made him laugh louder

"You, I'm laughing at you" I just rolled my eyes and faked a laugh, turned around and walked out.

Jacobs PROV

Whoa!! Did Leah just talk to Edward, okay this imprinting stuff is freaking me out, Leah hates the Cullens and vic versa. I glanced at her before sayingm

"Are you okay Leah, have you got a fever or has aliens just stole your brain?" Leah looks at me and burst out laughing.

"Nah I'm okay" she said between laughs, "why?" I just stare at her like a idiot.

"Uhh first you actually walked into the leeches house and then you spoke to Edward?? Man that's creepy, I thought you hated them" she looks down and went to sit down an a rock nearby.

"I don't know what's gone into me Jake, first I woke up to fine myself happy, and then the hole Cullen thing, maybe its the imprinting or maybe I'm starting to soften. I look at her and reached out and touch her arm.

"Hey its okay, I like the fact that you talked to them, your okay so how late do you meet Riaan" making kissing noises. She slaps my arm hard and giggles.

"Around 7, I'm meeting him at the park." she looks down and I swore I saw her blush.

"Okay well you better get going than, I'm sure you want to get ready." She looks at me, stands up and hugged me

"Thanx Jake for being there for me" I just nodded and phased to go patrolling ______________________________________ thanx guys .. Sorry its really pointleSs but my inspiration just flew away .. Okay bye :)

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