Chapter 1

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Rylee ran as fast as her skinny wounded legs could take her. Her long hazel hair danced in the summer breeze as she sprinted down what seemed to be endless rows of towering oak trees. She came to a halt once she saw the the amber mahogany house she once used to call home. She shed a small tear but quickly brushed it away.

The memories of her childhood came rushing back back, flooding her heart with happiness she hadn't felt in a long time. Rylees life ever since that day had become a nightmare she could never wake up from, with only the memories of her mother and brothers to keep the monsters at bay.

*Flash back*

"Mommy! Mommy!" The young girl squeaked. "Yes rylee?" her mom giggled softly, causing A blush to spread across Rylees flushed cheeks while her head hung downwards making her big brown curls bounce. "Well m-me and addy (Adrian) got you something" she murmured while looking down at her tiny feet. "Oh what ever could that be?" Her mother questioned her playfully and looked up at her son that was behind Riley with amusement in her eyes.

Slowly Rylee revealed a beautiful yellow flower crown her and Adrian had made and placed it in her mothers soft hands gently. Her mother looked at both of her children in awe and wondered how she had been blessed with such pure kind souls in her life.

"Adrian dear will you do the honers?" She handed the boy the crown to put on her head. The young boy's emerald eyes twinkled at her request. He grinned from ear to ear and laid the crown on his moms dirty blonde hair. "SEE MOMMY YOUR A FLOWER PRINCESS!!! LIKE ME!!" Rylee sang gaining a playful eye roll from Adrian. "Thank you my beautiful prince and princess, shall we go see what the rest of my princes are doing and make dinner?" Rylee nodded eagerly while the 'royal family ' walked home to the rest of the princes.

From a distance could be heard the giggles from little Rylee while she screamed "I WANT SPWAGHETIIII!"

*end of flash back*

It's now night time. Rylee had stood there for an hour, staring aimlessly at the house and the shadows moving around in it. Her brothers. Rylee slowly and hesitantly walked towards the house. She stood on the door step listening in on the laughter and chaos inside. She wondered why she couldn't hear her mother's voice but she shrugged it off and continued listening on the Evan men.

"Hey watch it dickhead!"

"Maybe if you didn't eat everything in sight we wouldn't have a problem hmm?"

"Guys cut it out! Cole stop eating everything in sight and Adrian get your ass up and buy some food If your sooo hungry"
"Oh and someone call Noah down from his study"

So that must me Luke? Rylee thought her self. They had changed so much that Rylee was taken back from the language and tone. Only one person spoke like tha- NO... she couldn't think about it, that place, that man. They weren't the same little boys anymore, the ones who cuddled her when she got a 'ouchy' as she used to call it, and that scared her.

Rylee let out a shaky breath and reached for the door bell.
"Hey asshole, someones at the door" a voiced boomed
"Great. Now go answer it" someone fired back

"Ugh, fine I'll get it"

As the foot steps approached, her heart pounded. The door flung open to a tall dark head muscular man. Noah? She thought. With tears threatening to spill she gave him a weak smile and said "hey it's Rylee"

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