chapter 2✿

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I run down the stairs as fast as my feet can carry me.

"MIKEY!" I shout as I pounce into his arms.

I wasn't much of a hugger by Michael was the exception.

"MAY!" Mikey yells back as he hugs me. "I've  missed you so much little sister."

"I've missed you too." I say as I pulled away from the hug.

"Come on, come tell me about what I've missed in your life." Mikey says as he pulls my hand upstairs.

"Mikey, I saw you on Christmas." I chuckle lightly.

"Yeah but May, that was like 6 months ago. A lot can change in half a year."

"You're right. Well, I have a boyfriend. His name's Ian. I've been seeing him since January." I started.

"Is he nice to you? Does he treat you well? Has Dad met him? Does Mum know? Does he push you to do anything?" Michael shot all these questions out at me and I couldn't keep up.

"Mikey slow down." I giggle.

Michael had always been protective over me.

"Sorry," He laughed. "I just hate that I'm never around to protect you if you need it." He says.

"I know, but i'm a big girl. I can take care of myself you know. And to answer your questions, yes he treats me good, yes Dad has met him and no he doesn't push me to anything."

"Okay good. Wait, what's his last name?"

"Baker, why?"

"You're dating Ian Baker?" He asks, clearly surprised.

"Yeah why? Do you know him?" I ask.

He composes himself and shrugs. "Uh, no. We used to have mutual friends."

I nod understandingly.

"Man May, I've missed you so much." Michael sighs as he hugs me again.

"Me too Mikey. But don't worry, I'm here for the whole summer. We'll have plenty of time to spend together." I smile.

"Good. Oh um― I need to talk to you about something." Michael says slowly.

"Yeah..." I question.

"Look, I don't want to be the one to give you this whole speech believe me, but Dad is forcing me to. He said that you've been hanging around Clay and his crew. Why, May? Is it because you're dating Ian? You know the type of guy's him and his 'boys' are." He said, putting air quotes on 'boys'.

Clay was sort of the leader of our whole group of friends. He was the one that got everyone the drugs and alcohol, and persuaded everyone to do bad stuff, including Ian. Ian and Clay were best friends, but I figured Mikey already knew that.

"Clay's changed." I lie. "Him and Ian are best friends. He's gotten a lot nicer now. He's not the old Clay you used to know."

I was literally lying through my teeth. If anything Clay had gotten worse from when Michael knew him. Michael and Clay were best friends when we all lived in Melbourne, until Clay started hanging out with some bad people. Michael wasn't that type of person so, he stopped hanging around Clay.

"May, why are you hanging out with them? What happened to your old friends like Aubrey, Jadyn and Emma? Those were good friends."

I was still best friends with Aubrey but only because she accepted that I hung out with Clay, Ian and their group. Jadyn and Emma wanted nothing to do with them, so we stopped hanging out.

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