Ch. 2: But That's None of My Business

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(There's a picture of the teacher's list of banned words on the side. This had me weak!)

** Cameron **

I was sitting in the cafeteria with a few friends I made along my high school journey. And it wasn't the type of friends who were fake or had some reputation to protect.

They were real. They didn't sit with me for status and vice versa. And yeah, they were all pretty. They were all smart, but they weren't stuck up. Out of the four of us though, I was surprisingly the comic relief.

I was always quick to crack a joke even in the most dire of situations. Like, if I saw someone slip and fall I would crack a joke before rushing over to help. I don't know why I always did that and I didn't want to analyze it now.

Currently, I was pushing my vanilla pudding around with a frown on my face. Because of Del Russo, Mr. Drake made an example out of me for students who spoke the Words that Must Not be Named. Because of Del Russo, I had one week of Detention. Because of Del Russo, I got 10 points deducted from my poem.

Hell, I feel like of I mentioned the actual One Who Must Not be Named I would be in less trouble. I tried it out. I whispered.


I looked around quickly.

Nothing. Nada.

Oooh! Del Russo was so gonna get it.

"What'd you say Cameron?" Lisa asked, curious. Did she hear me?

"Nothing!" I replied quickly.

I went back to my rant on del Russo.

I seriously hated him more than my neighbor who changed her Wifi password.

That bitch! I mean how disrespectful can you get to block a Wifi password?

Changing the Wifi password is like tricking someone into thinking they're going to meet Nash Grier or King Bach a Magcon, but instead meets a person who created a fake fan page: you get the connection, but not the access!

"So how'd English period go?" Vanessa asked.

"It was good until del Russo got me detention." I said it with a grimace. I know I was acting like the Grinch.

"I would love to get detention with Russo if I could." She wiggled her eyebrows like a maniac.

"Yass bish yass!" Rachel agreed. (Yet another phrase not on Mr. Drake's list).

I went to throw my food away. It was leftover day in the cafeteria anyway. Or the Caf as my friends and I liked to call it. I decided to go outside for the few minutes remaining in my lunch period. I picked up my tray waving to my friends. I discarded my uneaten food in the garbage can and put the tray back on the rack.

I decided at the last minute to make some tea just to have something to hold in my hands. After my tea was finished, I stepped outside to sit at the tables in the back of the Caf where a few students were. I didnt even sit down though. I just wound up walking around towards the front of the school near the parking lot area.

I stopped walking realizing I had gone too far. I was about to turn back around and head towards the double doors when I saw some girls around del Russo's car.

Everyone knew del Russo's car. He was the only ass who drove a Lamborghini to school. Dummy.

Being the nosy person I was, I couldn't help but stare.

I recognized the girls immediately. It was Brandy and Tiffany. They were the Mean Girls of the school so to speak.

Thing is they didn't really bother anyone in particular. Just the people that got in their way of getting the attention of James del Russo.

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