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I'm pounding into her hard. The strap on rubbing into my own clit as I drive mine deep into her core. The moans escaping her mouth are so fucking hot and sensational that I pound harder and harder. I'm already tired but the idea of her cumming with me thrusting into her is something that I can't pass up.

Instead of on her hands and knees, she sits back onto the strap. My hand comes around to cup her boob and the other comes down to flick her clit. She begins to ride me slowly as I kiss along her neck.

"Are you a good girl, baby?"

I can feel her gulp at my question. She rides me like she's dancing slowly. Her hips moving in circles as she curls an arm around my neck. She leans forward as I pick up the pace of my rubbing her clit. I go as quickly as I can and her moans get louder and louder each second.

"Are you going to cum for me? Huh, baby?"

She nods against me, too weak for her to talk back, because all she can do is whimper and moan.

She pushes upwards and I begin to slow down before she slides off. She motions for me to lay down and she is straddling me. Slowly, her descent on to the hard shaft is agonizingly beautiful as her face contorts into a relaxed bliss. Her eyes are hooded when she begins to ride me.

I don't need much, watching her do this is amazing enough. The lights from the city pour into the hotel room because we couldn't be bothered enough to close them. Her body looks absolutely ethereal in the lighting. Her nipples casting tents of shadows on her chest . She has her hands in her hair and her face is scrunched in concentration as she tries to ride herself to an orgasm.

I can still taste her on my tongue from the previous orgasm. She still tastes so damn sweet; she tasted like warm sugar. In short, she tasted amazing.

I flip us over and I am pounding into her. She wraps her legs around my waist and uses the strength of her leg muscles to help me go deeper and deeper as I take a nipple into my hand. Her nails drag down my back as she screams and moans. I fuck her so hard fast that she can barely keep her eyes open.

I'm thrusting into her even as she cums again. I catch her lips with mine as she falls into a series of gasping. Pleasure pulses through her and she is loving every fucking second of it and so am I. There is nothing like seeing her become undone because of me.

When she finally begs me to stop I do and she falls limp beside me as I ease off the bed and go to the minibar. Her legs are still shaking as I watch her naked body in the city glow. I smirk before biting into a mini pretzel; I loved watching women try to gather their senses after our hours spent together. It was almost as good as the sex.

"Did you enjoy yourself?" I ask arrogantly and she can't get out a word. She simply nods with a whimper and I feel that rush of satisfaction. Call me narcissistic or arrogant all you want but it wasn't a surprise that I had made her speechless. I had lots of practice and each time I got better and better. Women were my specialty, I was set on knowing how every woman that I came across ticked and screamed and came.

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