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River Of Blood

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Once there was a boy named Billy. He was just a normal boy, but one day, he found a river that looked mysterious.

"Wow, it's a river of blood!" Said Billy.

He walked up to the river and put his fingers in there like a swimmer jumping into a red pool.

"It feels like regular water." Billy says while taking his fingers out of the river of blood.

Then Billy was walking home and then, a giant monster was chasing him. It was the river of blood, it grew into a monster.

"Oh no, where do I go, the blood monster is going to kill me. Oh, maybe I should run home and tell my mom!" Billy says while running home like a pack of cheetahs.

When he gets home, he tells his mom about the blood monster.

"Mom, there is a big blood monster chasing me, you gotta help me!" Billy said.

"Now now, I'm sure it is just your imagination honey." Said his mom.

"No I'm-


A big giant blood hand crashed in the house. The mom and Billy ran out of the house and ran.

"Wait, what about dad and Sammy?" Billy said sadly.

Then they noticed that the dad and Sammy got crushed by the bloody hand. They were so sad that they were crushed. Now here is a lesson to remember, never find a river of blood and go home. Or you will find yourself in a problem where a blood monster is chasing you.

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