America. Fuck Yeah

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So, the average break between school years for Japanese students is about 40 days. In this book, it's gonna be a bit longer than an American break, at about 90 days. Makes the timeline work better. Anyways, onto the good shit

"Welcome to Houston! Please exit the plane in an orderly manner. Thank you for flying with-" And that's all I hear before I put my headphones on. I start listening to Floor Seats by Moxas as I walk off the 747, and out into the George Bush International Airport. It's been a week since the incident at the dorms. Almost everyone has tried texting me, but I didn't respond. I was too pissed off. 

"Izuku? Is that you?" I hear a voice call out to me with a light Texas accent. I turn and see my Grandfather, a well built man in his early 60's, with greying hair and brown eyes. 

"Grandpa!" I say, walking up and giving him a tight hug. He still smells strongly of cologne and the open air. 

"It's been a while since I've seen you! You're quite a bit bigger sonny!" He says, ruffling my green hair. 

"Just a bit. You've only gotten more grey in your hair, old man." I reply snarkily, and he laughs his iconic hearty laugh

"Still got you sense of humor, I see!" He says, clapping me on the shoulder. 

"You still got your laugh and lack of restraint." I reply, and he chuckles. 

"Your mother explained to me why you're here. Trying to get away, huh?" He asks, and I nod. 

"I just need somewhere to be with no one but myself for a while. Your ranch seems like a good place to do that, old man." I say, and he nods solemnly 

"I got a few places no one really goes too. You'll have plenty of time and space to think, train, and do what you need too. Let's go!" He says, and I laugh at his attitude. 

"Lets." I say, and we walk out of the Terminal, and out into the hot Texas Afternoon. 

We hop in his truck, and drive an hour and a half out to his ranch, a 300 acre open field, filled with cows, horses, and a small group of chickens. 

"I've expanded a bit since you were last here. I added another 50 acres on the southern end of the ranch, and about 15 acres has been left open, since I wanted a place to practice shooting. It should work for your purposes." Grandpa says, and I nod. 

"That'll work. Thank you." I say, as he pulls up to massive ranch house. I unload my bag and look at the house, seemingly unchanged in the two years since I've been here. 

"You can stay in the guest house

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"You can stay in the guest house. It's the smaller building connected to the main one." Grandpa says, and I nod. 

"I'mm go shower. When's dinner?" I ask, and he laughs. 

"Always thinking about your stomach, huh?" He asks, and I chuckle a bit

"Kinda. I'm hoping to bulk up. I want to get bigger, as much as I can." I say, and the old man nods. 

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