*Charlotte's POV*

"Mom I'm going to get a coffee!" I called from across the house. It's been 2 weeks since I've been dating Matthew, and I've never been happier. Plus, Sophie and my mom haven't found out! I hop in my car and hit the gas pedal. I get on 19 and pull for gas real quick, I'm running low. Don't wanna be late for my date with Matthew especially. I pull in and give the machine money and put the gas pump in my car. "Charlotte!" I hear someone yell. "Shit." I mumble. Sophie. I've been avoiding her calls for 4 days because I've been with Matthew. She stomps over right next to my car. "Where WERE YOU?" She raised her voice. People started looking and I bit my lip. "Sophie people are looking-" "I don't CARE if they look. Why have you been avoiding me?" Sophie demanded. I sucked in my breath through my nose. "Busy. I've been busy." I replied in a low voice. She scowled and rolled her eyes. "No. That's not an answer. What have you been doing?" Sophie toned her voice down a notch. I looked away thinking of what to say. I've already told her I've ran errands, had a family thing- "Making videos! Yeah, I- I was making videos." I gave her a little reassuring smile, anxious that she would believe it. She shoved her hands in her pockets and sighed. "Next time can you at least respond? Wait- you know what, I'm done." She said. My mouth fell open a little. "Done? W-what do you mean DONE?" I asked. "With this, our friendship. I know you you're keeping something from me, Charlotte. And you know what? That's fine. But don't come back when you need me. Oh, and since you never use it anymore, delete my number." Tears welled in Sophie's eyes, making them sparkle. "Bye, Charlotte." Before I could respond, she walked away and I got in my car and cried.

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