Chapter Se7en

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Thought about it
No doubt about it
When you seek you find
Since you left me (-a/n it actually says when I left you but I changed that part)
Can't seem to get you off my mind
I paid the cost
Now it appears I lost the melody
Got monumental making up to do with you baby

Made some mistakes
Caused some heartbreak
You must be fed up
I didn't mean it when I was screamin'
That I'd had enough
An' all the time that's passed from then to now
I Can't get it right
Baby girl I need to

"Daddy!!!" April shouted when I picked her up from school

"Heeey!" I said picking her up and kissing her cheek signing my name so I can take her home , "Go get your things"

"Okay daddy"

"She's your daughter?"

"Yes" I said

"I didn't know who her parents was I knew she was really cute, she looks just like you"

"Thanks" I said smiling

"I'm ready daddy, bye ms. ken"

"See you later Gorgeous"

April smiled and I picked her up she waved and we went to my car

"Daddy, can we go to IHOP"

"Yeah babygirl, we can."

'Cause I miss you
Want you
Need you back in my life
Got to get back to them days
When you were mine
Ill do whatever I gotta do
To make you see
I can't live without you girl
Come back to me

"April, what is your mom having?"

"A girl"

"Another girl?"

"Haha yes"

What's up with Maya and these girls?

Told you so many lies
Just to feed my selfishness and greed
Through all the fanfare
What was out there wasn't what I need
Found an old photograph
Brought back all the old memories
Wasted so much time without you
My baby I beep you
Try to reach you
Head over to your place

"Gimme" April said reaching for my strawberry

"Nope" I said bitting it

"Daddy..." she whined

"Gimme a kiss than we will see."

She kissed me and I handed her my strawberry

"See you can't say no to me." April said

"You think so? You want me to say no?"

"Noooo" she said laughing

"I'm gone always say yes to you, You my baby girl and daddy loves you."

"I love you too, Daddy."

I get over
Someone elses Rover
Is parked up in my space
What have I done
I might have lost the one
I might be too late
Every time I get the machine I say

"I love you babygirl." I said kissing her

"I love you too, Daddy" she said smiling

"You have fun?" Maya asked her

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