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The full moon shined down on the streets of Castle Town, illuminating all but the darkest alleyways. A lone soldier patrolled the streets, on the lookout for any signs of monsters that may have slipped into the town. A flash of yellow caught his eye, he quickly turned his head towards it, but there was nothing there. He shrugged and continued his patrol, unaware of the figure crouching in the darkness of the alleyway. A shimmering blue fairy peeked out from under the figure's long yellow cap. "Hey! Buddar!" She whispered. "Are we going to be messing with that soldier's head tonight?"

The figure, named Buddar, smirked mischievously. "You bet, Lyra." She said. "First, we're just gonna follow him around a bit. Then we'll knock over some crates, and when he sees nobody there, he'll freak out!"

The tiny fairy giggled. "I like the sound of that!" She said before disappearing into Buddar's cap. Buddar smirked, then scaled the wall of the house she was pressed up against. She jumped from roof to roof, ducking out of sight whenever the soldier turned his head. She could tell that the soldier was beginning to become nervous, he kept glancing around, as though expecting something to jump out of the shadows at any moment.

"Alright, Lyra." Buddar whispered. "Now it's your turn."

"Yes!" The blue fairy squeaked, darting out from under Buddar's cap. She shot through the air, the soldier jumped when she flew past, but he couldn't tell it was a fairy. He began looking around wildly, Buddar watched with amusement from the roof of a nearby shop. Then, Lyra nudged away a stone keeping a cart full of barrels from rolling down the street. The cart slowly began moving, then began to pick up speed, heading straight for the soldier. The soldier let out a scream of terror and ran away from the cart, which had barrels flying out of it. He turned the corner, and the cart crashed into the side of a building, smashing into pieces.

Buddar's stomach hurt from laughing so hard at the scene, Lyra flew up beside her, giggling like a lunatic. Buddar jumped down from the roof, landing lightly on her feet. She walked over to the smashed cart, some of the barrels had broken open, revealing their contents: various types of delicious fruits. She picked up an apple and shined it on her yellow tunic, then held it up so Lyra could have a few bites. After Lyra was done, Buddar finished off the rest of the apple. She picked up a second apple and took off her cap, revealing her long, blazing red hair. She put the apple in her cap, then put it back on her head. Since the cap was now occupied by the fruit, Lyra took shelter in the front pocket of Buddar's tunic. "Another successful night." Buddar said as she walked down the street, her golden boots clicking against the stone road.

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