Chapter Six (Maya & Trey)

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Whenever Tremaine name comes up or the comes around, My emotions get all fucked up. Now you see why I distance myself from him, why I don't like talking about him at interviews. That's something I wanna keep in the past, I was so hurt by this man y'all just gotta understand, August been there, People hating because I got with August? Bitch if you don't like it GOOD FUCKING BYE! August is one man who I know really loves me. Yes, Trigga- I mean Trey may love me but, he put me so much, I often catch my self questioning his love, I lived for his love and I died by his love, You know what I mean? I lost apart of me in that court room, I gave everything to him, But I kept my last name and I'm gone always keep it even if August and I get married.

"Mama?" April called out for me

"Heey Gorgeous, how was school?"

"It was awesome, Can I get a puppy!?"

"It has to be a very small one. Go ask August."

"OK!" She said running downstairs

Do you know you can come to me for anything?
No, I mean, anything
And Ill give you everything

"What kind of puppy she talking about, Baby?"

"I don't know, You should get her a teacup yorkie."

"Aight, Imma see if I can find her one."

Tell me your secrets
And Ill tell you mine
Every truth, every lie
Every wrong, every right
Every heartbreak, every setback
Every mistake, every crime
Make me your cover girl
Make me your best friend
If you lose or if you win
If youre a saint or if you sin
And if I dont understand
Ill do the best that I can

"Okay babe, come here April."

August put her down and she came over to me

"You hungry?"


"Okay, go get out your school clothes. I'm gone fix you something to eat."

"Okay mama" she said pecking my lips

I smiled at my beautiful creation, God that little girl looks so much like her father. Sometimes, it's hard to look at her cause I see him, That's all I see. She's funny just like her daddy and into things lol

"I can get y'all something to eat while I'm out?" August asked wrapping his arms around my waist

"No baby, I'm gone cook. We good."

"You sure?" He asked kissed the top of my head and brushing my hair back with his hand

"Yeah baby"


Cause oh, some people search high and low
For someone that makes them whole
So Im not letting go
Cause you mean that much to me
So take all this love from me
Im giving you every part of me
All of this heart of me
Here is my offering

"Yeah, I'm sure baby."

"Alright, I'm about to go to the studio and finish this last track and I'll see you when I get home"

"Okay" I said smiling and pecking his lips

He smiled and kissed me back, "I love you"

"I love you too"

Cause you mean that much to me
So take all this love from me
Im giving you every part of me
All of this heart of me
Here is my offering
'Cause you mean that much to me

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