▶Chapter #7

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"What the hell was that? what motherfucker has the brains to come near my place!" i demanded an answer from the guards as we rushed up stairs too meet a deadman.

"I wanna know what the fucks going on now!" i said looking around the the room in search of that no good piece of shit, he was sittin in my chair smoking a blunt not a clue in the world how could he not hear all the comtion goin on!

"Marquez what the shit why aren't you doing anything about this?"

He stared at me like i had an ass growing on my face or some alien like being "You didn't tell me to?" he replied being a smartass which isn't the time for that. "Marquez now is not the damn time for that we gotta dumb fuck on our hands that think they can come to Mi casa como si yo fuera un don nadie! (my house like i'm a nobody)"

"Find out what the hell is going on will you!" i yelled at him walking towards the guards into the living room. one of them stopped me "B-boss i don't think you wanna do that?" he suggested, "do what?" i asked "walk into there!" he complained i moved him out of the way an nearly died from lack of oxygen this basterd blew the ENTIRE FRONT OF MY HOUSE OFF ITS HEDGES! i walked out but didn't look straightforward, too busy being devastated by my previous mansion.

I walked backwards about 16 feet from my mansion an saw boards falling off, electricity cords sparking one of my double stainless steel doors in my wife's brand new garden. she'll wring my neck for it later! the other inside my brand new porche turbo that i didn't even get to drive yet! "Mi bebé! this motherfucker has to die by my own hands! where is the hijo de puta?" i turned around to face the main gate an was beyond furious, when our eyes connected.

he came out of the house about to die at any given moment because of the sight, i hope he doesn't die....at least not so quickly an something so childish i simply added a touch of flavor to the house i think it's very artistic if i do say so myself. he spun around so swiftly i'd swear he practice balley.

"YOU!" he screamed marching towards me and stopped about 20 feet away.

"HOLA AMIGO!" the crazy basterd said waving his hand back an forth sipping some drink all god damn cheerful!

"You destroyed my house! why did you come here?!" i yelled at the damn brat who thinks he can do whatever the hell he wants whenever he wants. he still sat on the hood of that car sipping his red sh*t then burp aloud. the nerve of this basterd!

"You got some balls you know that to fuck with me an my house" i spat at him

he smiled "I came here...Mainly...to fuck up shit, my therapist said its good to release anger. its bad for my health if i keep it all balled up inside. an...Oh but Actually i fucked your wife & sister in you'r house on you're desk in every position possible & thank you for the compliment about my balls, thank you, thank you very much!" he said without a care.

"You little piece of sh-"

"ah ah aaah carlos don't push you'r luck more than half of you'r men are severely injured the odds aren't in you'r favor today an they wont be anymore! I believe you took something that belongs to me wether it wanted to be with me or not its still mine an no FUCKING ONE IS TAKING THAT FROM ME! you shouldn't touch what doesn't belong to you if you ain't got the balls to suffer what comes afterwards!" he shivered visibly which brought a smile to my face instantly.

Dante walked from somwhere with my pet in his hands. walter opened the door and closed it i could see from the corner of my eye's that we were ready to go. but walter told me in my earpiece to confirm everything was set an we could leave when i'm ready.

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