The Kiss

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George's POV

 The whole mess happened when my mother had been pestering me about not having brought a partner home. Usually I would be embarrassed, because well she might be right. This time was different though, she started when my bestfriend was here. His name is Dream or Clay, which we don't really call him. 

I wouldn't mind if he wasn't as caring as he was. It would be nice if he hadn't cared too much. He would be willing to go anywhere to help his friends, which is cool but not all the time.

"So George, when are you bringing your boyfriend home?" I spat out the drink that was in my mouth at the time, straight into Dream's face. Oops.. 

 Just as I opened my mouth to speak, Dream interrupted me while wiping his face. How I wish I would've talked way before Dream even let out a peep.

"Well actually Miss. Davidson. George and I have been meaning to tell you."  Tell her what? I closed my mouth in curiosity. Oh what a mistake.

"Tell me what?"

"Me and George are actually in the talking stage right now." I could've sworn my jaw dropped down to the ground.

"How do I know you aren't lying Drea,?" My mom stared at Dream and I in disbelief. 

"I can prove it to you Miss. Davidson?" What the hell are you doing Dream! 

 I looked at Dream as he stood up and came near me, out of instinct I tried moving backwards. I was too late as he had already pressed his lips into mine. I was in shock, but didn't fight it because well my mom.

 Dream pulled away and sat back down, while I sat there in shock. 

"I see. Well! Congratulations! I hope to see more of Dream!" My mom then left the room.


 Dream cut me off. "Don't worry it meant nothing." He said with a straight face. 

"It was just to get your mom to stop bothering you" I swore I could've felt myself smile a little at the fact he would do that for me. 

"Goodnight George. I'm gonna head home!" He said with a grin. 

"Goodnight Dream!" I said with a smile.

That Night 🌼

Dream :]

Dream: George
Dream: Hello??

Dream: It says you're online George

Georgenootfound: What happened?

Dream: Hi :)

Georgenootfound: You're such a pain.

Dream: rude.

Read 10:33

  I laid down in my bed, and just stared at my ceiling for what felt like hours. I asked myself, 'Am I really in love with Dream? Of all people Dream? He's straight, so awfully straight.' I tried denying the thought of me liking my best friend but deep down I knew. 

I knew he was in love with his straight best friend.

The next day

3rd POV 🌼

  In the morning, George woke up to knocking on his door. He sat up wondering who was at the door this early. He stood up and walked to his closet and threw on a white shirt with black sweatpants. He headed downstairs and opened the door. 

To his surprise it was his ex girlfriend. Great! Just great. 

"Um. What do you need?" He looked at her in surprise.

"I came to ask for forgiveness" The girl said. 

"Forgiveness for what?" George had a upset look on his face.

"I wanted to apologize" The girl said with a shaky voice .

"Apologize for what cheating on me?" The girl looked at him in shock and fear. 

"I-I'm sorry!" She was about to say another sentence but George didn't let her finish. 

"I don't give a damn leave now!" The girl ran off without looking back. (She will be useful in the future.)

 George sighed. He walked into his kitchen to be greeted by his cat. He started petting his small fluffy buddy. He then went to wash his hands then got to cooking. Deciding on what to make he heard his phone ringing.

Incoming call...


Answer    Decline

  George sighed as he took his phone and answered 

"Hello Georgie." George could tell the other boy had a huge smile on his face. 

"Hi, Dream" He said with a smile. 

"Guess what!!" George raised an eyebrow. 


"I met this really cute girl! And I think she's into me." George raised his other eyebrow which joined his other one. 

 He felt upset when he heard his best friend say that with excitement. Why do I feel like this? I should be happy for him. Is this what think it is? 

No, he is my best friend nothing more.

 He's made it clear we are nothing but best friends. "Wow! I'm so happy for you, where did you two meet?"

 He seemed upset, His best friend didn't seem to notice. "We met when I was walking home! She was running errands when she accidentally ran into me and fell-" George interrupted him before he started talking more about the girl. 

"I'm happy for you Dream but I have to go!"

 "Oh okay! Goodbye Georgi-" George hung up quite fast. George sighed as he laid down in his bed. He stood up and went to finish his dinner, after he ate he fed his cat. "Hi cat!" He said while petting his fluffy brownish buddy. He took his cat with him to bed; laying down and looking at his ceiling thinking 'why did I seem to sad hearing Dream might like someone? '

After lots of thinking, he fell asleep.

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I finally finished my first Dreamnotfound chapter!!
If it's bad please don't judge it is my first story but I promise it will get better!

Edit: So I have improved this a bit. Uh enjoy!


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